Thursday, August 28, 2008

Buck Memento

Just wanted to share one more special "Buck" item. For those of you who know me in person, you know I love Breyer model horses. To appease me when I was younger, my parents would buy models for me, hoping I would settle for them rather than a real I have two terrible addictions....real horses and plastic horses. :)

Here is a sample of what my husband has to put up with:

There are more tucked away in shelves in our living room and a few at my office...the last time I counted, there were right around 400 models. Absurd, I know. However, there is one particular model that is my most prized possession. Knowing how much I love models, real horses, and my beloved pony Buck, my husband surprised me one Christmas with this:

A friend told him about a lady living in our little town that custom painted model horses, so he contacted her. She picked out the stablemate mold she thought was most appropriate and painted him to perfection. This wonderful memento of Buck sits on our mantle, a constant reminder of a special little pinto pony loved by all who met him. Thank you honey for such a thoughtful keepsake!


fssunnysd said...

Awwww.... Now I'm all sniffly again, darn it!

I know what you mean about nowhere to shop - We have a western store, and she'll order English stuff, but hey, I can do that myself :)

BaxtersMum said...

wow. your husband doesn't suck.

that is so cool.

Keep him., says the single girl.

fssunnysd said...

You have an award :)

Pony Girl said...

Wow, that is a lot of models! Cool. You should do a post about some of them. I really like the Buck one, what a neat husband you have for giving you such a sentimental and special gift! ;)