Sunday, August 10, 2008

Update on Dad, School Days and Another B-Day Party!

Whew! I am SO glad last week is behind us! Dad had his surgery on Monday and came out with flying colors. He underwent a double bypass since the surgeon wasn't able to do the triple. Prognosis is excellent though. The second day after surgery was the hardest; a lot of pain, but he is truly doing great. He came home on Friday and is walking and doing his breathing exercises as prescribed. In a way it has all been a blessing - my older brothers have come home to help out, and we rarely see them, so it has been nice visiting with them! Dad's color has returned to his face; it was almost gray before the surgery. I guess from bad circulation. He still has a long road ahead, but I do believe in a couple of months he will be running circles around us. :)

The boys started back to school on Thursday, then B was sick on Friday, so he couldn't go...but we are back to the grindstone tomorrow!

Nothing like "The first day of school shots!"
It is so hard to believe another school year has started! They are both ready though...and I am, too...there are several work assignments I need to get completed!

This weekend came and went in a hurry! We had another birthday party for B. This time it was with my husband's side of the family. We had cousins over which is always a ton of fun. They all play so well together!

Ha - the cake was gorgeous (NOT!) - it split right down the middle when I started icing it, so I filled the crack with a bunch of stayed together long enough to sing Happy Birthday!

The happy seven year old with Mom and Dad! He now owns ten THOUSAND Legos due to all of the Lego kits he received as birthday presents...Oh, and Granny and Grandpa gave him a $50 bill! He thought THAT was the greatest gift of all!

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fssunnysd said...

So glad to hear the news about your dad! Surgery is a very scary thing, no matter how minor, and his certainly wasn't!

Can't believe the school year is upon us already. We have a week left here before Hope starts, and Marcus the week following. Lots of school shopping left to do, not to mention readjusting to school night bedtimes. (And I'm so not looking forward to the complaining!)

Summer always goes too fast.