Thursday, January 25, 2018

My First Pony

The first time I met Buck, I was totally smitten. My Grandfather Fisher bought Buck for me for my 10th birthday. He didn't actually come to live at our house until I was almost 11, in October 1985.
Buck lived with my Mom's brother, Uncle Buddy, and his family in Chattanooga, TN. My cousins, Jim and Jeff, rode him while he lived there. We went to visit Buck (and Uncle Buddy) twice before Buck came to live in Pike Road. here are photos from one of those trips, back in 1984.
Buck, my Mom, cousin Jeff, and my red head

Uncle Buddy, my brother Greg on Buck, my Mom, cousin Jeff, and me (impatiently waiting to get on MY pony)
Greg got Buck to trot. I was so jealous.
Finally! Time with my very own pony!
Buck was only 12.2 hands tall, but he seemed so big!

  Buck looks absolutely thrilled.
Buck asking Uncle Buddy to please get this little girl off.
Buck was a good pony and carted me around for a while with the saddle.
Buck posing for another photo.
Then the poor pony carted me around the rest of the day with no saddle: 
Yep, he is totally thrilled...not...
"Who is this leach?"
 He decided to try to graze to pass the time.

One of my favorite photos of meeting Buck for the first time.
It is hard to believe the little pasture pony from Uncle Buddy's became a well known Pony Club mount and competition pony within  few years of coming to Pike Road.

Buck (shown as Hold on Tight) and me at Bouckaert Farm in 1989 for his last USPC Combined Training Rally. He was absolutely incredible - so much heart.
I miss this little guy every single day, but what a blessing to have known him so well.
Unitl next time,
Happy Riding!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Here in the south we don't get a lot of snow, so if we have a few flakes, it is a really big deal.
It began snowing on a Friday, not long after the kids went to school. By noon, the schools decided to close as the snow was coming down and the risk of ice was increasing.
This is the first December I remember where we still have green grass in the yard. It is usually brown and dormant by now.
The snow was falling in huge flakes:

Our kids built a seven foot tall snowman!

It snowed all night:

View of the horse pasture from our upstairs bedroom:

Our front yard:

Lucy dog (the one with no tail) absolutely loved the snow.
Sam has seen it before, so he wasn't quite as excited as Lucy.

Lucy ran circles around Sam and dug her nose into the snow like a snow plow. She loved it!

Our goldfish pond out front:

Happy girls enjoying their snow day:

We ended up with around 4.5 inches of snow. That is the most I have seen in our area. It stayed for about 3 days and was gone after that, leaving a nice muddy mess. But it sure was fun while it was here!
The horses were less than thrilled. I ended up keeping them in their stalls due to the mud. I just got Tonto and Filly's feet cleared up from thrush and didn't want to fight that battle again.
Tonto did enjoy eating the snow though!

Until next time - Happy Riding!