Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fat Pony and Grass on the Hill

Yes, I ride Tonto on chance I get...but it's not often enough. I rode him for a short while today, until the saddle started riding up his neck again.
He is FAT...and he lives in the FAT PEN. How he stays so fat, I have no clue. The poor pony resides in a dirt lot except for the two glorious hours a day my mom lets him out to graze. Oh, and the small hand full of grain he gets twice a day...

He doesn't look too bad in these photos, but when he isn't moving, you can tell he is quite overweight. He really needs more riding and exercise. When we were riding him consistently a few days a week, I could definitely tell a difference. But when he sits idle in the fat pen, he's not burning any calories.

Tonto is such a cutie, I would die if he foundered.

I really hope that we can get the fence and barn complete soon. Maybe with the cooler weather coming hubby will feel more like working outside. Please keep your fingers crossed...

The grass on the hill is trying to grow. It needs rain desperately. My dear husband has mentioned getting another load of topsoil to fill in the ruts, along with plans to renovate the hill to try to alleviate drainage problems. Another to do on the to do list!

I wonder what the hill would look like if we hadn't had that torrential downpour. :)


fssunnysd said...

He is just so CUTE! It does seem like some of them stay butterball round on air, doesn't it?

BaxtersMum said...

he doesn't look THAT fat to me - under saddle, he will always look thinner if he's using his back muscles.

You can check by making him suck in his gut - scratch his belly along the centerline until he flexes his back up and sucks in. That's the best way to tell how much is fat and how much muscle.

buckpony said...

Hi Sunny and S!
Yes, it is amazing they can stay fat on air! I feel so sorry for him sitting in that dirt lot, but it is for his own good.

I need to take a photo from above, looking down on his back. He is very wide, but looks deceptively thinner in the photos. Even the photos of him running loose make him look thinner than he really is. He also has a lot of fat around his tail head. His backbone is just now re-appearing after being buried under a layer of fat...His weight is tons better than the first part of summer when we decided he needed to stay in the fat pen 24/7 rather than just during the day. I hate it for him though. This little guy loves to run and the fat pen isn't big enough for him to really get going in. So, he stands around doing nothing all the time, which isn't good either.

I'll try the belly scratch method to see what he looks like. Thank you for that tip. I've never heard that before.

It would be so nice to find him a rider close by that could exercise him a couple of days a week. Even if he was longed 3 or 4 days a week for 30 minutes, that would make a huge difference.

The saddle slipping up his neck is such a pain! I reaaaalllly don't want to use a crupper on him, but I can't ride at the trot for more than a few strides without the saddle riding right up on top of his withers. It isn't so bad with Drew since he weighs less than me, but it still happens if they trot for several minutes. I even changed the gullet in the Wintec from the medium wide to the medium to see if that would help. It didn't. I still need to get Kim over to make sure the saddle fits him correctly. It sure seems to, but it would be good to have a second opinion. I've even bought a no-slip pad that I use on him, but that doesn't even work!!

Just hoping that if/when he trims down some more the saddle issues will resolve themselves...

Thank you for the advice! Any and every idea is appreciated!!!