Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Here in the south we don't get a lot of snow, so if we have a few flakes, it is a really big deal.
It began snowing on a Friday, not long after the kids went to school. By noon, the schools decided to close as the snow was coming down and the risk of ice was increasing.
This is the first December I remember where we still have green grass in the yard. It is usually brown and dormant by now.
The snow was falling in huge flakes:

Our kids built a seven foot tall snowman!

It snowed all night:

View of the horse pasture from our upstairs bedroom:

Our front yard:

Lucy dog (the one with no tail) absolutely loved the snow.
Sam has seen it before, so he wasn't quite as excited as Lucy.

Lucy ran circles around Sam and dug her nose into the snow like a snow plow. She loved it!

Our goldfish pond out front:

Happy girls enjoying their snow day:

We ended up with around 4.5 inches of snow. That is the most I have seen in our area. It stayed for about 3 days and was gone after that, leaving a nice muddy mess. But it sure was fun while it was here!
The horses were less than thrilled. I ended up keeping them in their stalls due to the mud. I just got Tonto and Filly's feet cleared up from thrush and didn't want to fight that battle again.
Tonto did enjoy eating the snow though!

Until next time - Happy Riding!
Another passion I have besides horses is fish. Not sure why, but I love to just watch them. My favorite fish are fancy goldfish and fancy guppies.
We started out with 3 Fancy Guppy girls and 2 boys.
We now have 2 guppy tanks - one for girls and one for boys.
Here are the girls:

And here are the boys:

We have a goldfish pond out front as well. I will have to get photos of that to share, too.
Until next time - Happy Riding!
There is something very satisfying about listening to horses munch on their hay. We've had very crazy weather here in the south lately. 70 degrees one day and snow the next. Poor horses - they don't know if they need to shed or grow a thicker coat.
Here are some recent photos of 3 of our 4 ponies enjoying their grass hay:


This photo of Tonto was taken during the evening feeding time. He was in one of the stalls cleaning up dropped grain when I took the other ponies' photos eating hay. it's tough being a starving pony. :)
Until next time - Happy Riding!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

I finally turned Maisy pony out with the rest of the herd:
There is something so peaceful about watching them graze together.

So far, so good.
Until next time - Happy Riding!