Wednesday, September 20, 2017

So, Scout made it from Lida's amazing farm to my parents' place lovely in Pike Road, and finally back to our little place recently, so the happy trio is back together. Except, well, maybe not so happy....
Scout decided to lay claim to miss Filly, so he tried to run sweet little Tonto off one of the terraces to make a point the other day.
Now Scout and Filly are living in their own paddock, with their 2 14x14 stalls and little Tonto (the angel pony) resides in his new digs (thank you, honey).  They were all ready for Hurricane Irma to arrive.
Filly and Scout:

Tonto hiding behind the oak tree fro protection from mean old Scout:

Tonto's new run-in on the back side of the barn:

The meanies:

New run-in before stall mat and shavings were added:
In case you were wondering, it measures 8 ft wide by 12 ft long. Tonto is a whopping 11.2 hands, so it fits him perfectly.

Sweet little Tonto:

Yes, we used the partially covered chains from the old swing-set to up-cycle into a temporary stall guard:

Scout loves to put his front feet on the concrete. I guess it makes him feel taller:

Tonto peaking into the barn. (Brian's brilliant idea to cut a doorway into the main barn like this...)

Lucy approves of Tonto's new run-in:

Chloe checking out Tonto's new room:

Hurricane Irma-ready run-in stall with rubber stall mat and shavings (yay!!!)

We lucked out with Hurricane Irma. She decided to give us a break and headed east. We had some minor wind and much needed rain. I'll post more photos of our barn all shut up and prepared for the big Irma! :)
Until then....Happy Riding!!!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Spa Day with Jack and Scout in Pike Road

Ok, so our schedules have just been insane the last few months, so I haven't had much spare time to spend with the ponies lately. Scout has been living with my precious friend Lida for over a year. He left our place and headed to her place on May 22, 2016. She has taken a fabulous position with her company in HOT-lanta, so she needed to send him back home.
Scout arrived in Pike Road to spend some time with Jack on July 22, 2017.
Scout was gorgeous when he arrived at my parents' house. I am so mad that I didn't take one photo of him. He looked like a little show pony, he was so gorgeous after being in Lida's care for over a year.
These photos were taken the third time I have seen him since he arrived in Pike Road. He still looks good, but not NEARLY as good as he did when he first arrived!
After my daughter and I helped Grandma make home-made pasta sauce, we had a brief spa day to hose them, pick feet and fly spray them. Here are some photos of the 2 handsome boys:
Scout sporting "Thelwell Pony" bangs so he can see out:
"Gee, thanks, Mom."
Jack is in the background making fun of Scout's new haircut...

The pretty pose you get when the pony spots a cow:

 One last shot before the camera batteries died:

And bless Jack - he was bored to death as he patiently waited for me to finish
doting over little Scout pony:

Jack perked up a bit when he saw I had carrots:

Yes, Jack is rather "healthy" these days... he lives in a lot with minimal grass, but gets fat on air.

"This is so boooooorrrrrriiiiinnnnggggggg!!!"


"Is this better?"

"I give UP!"

"Is that another carrot?"

 "Ok, I'll smile for a carrot..."

Oh, sweet Jack. I can't wait to start riding you and Scout on a regular basis!!!
One day...
Until next time...
Happy Riding!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Enjoying the View

Sorry, the photo quality is very poor on these, but you get the gist. There is something comforting about watching the ponies graze. The grass is struggling to grow in, but there is a little bit. Hopefully with all of this rain we are having, it will grow.

 Miss Filly had to come over to see if I had any treats.

Until next time...Happy Riding!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Time Marches On

Yep, we are still alive. :) Time just gets away from me. I get swept up in work assignments, kids, trying to clean house (fail) and trying to keep up with laundry (major fail). At least I keep the kitchen and bathrooms fairly clean...and the barn is fairly clean...

Anyway, all is well here. Our oldest child is in his second year of college and will be 21 years old in June. Holy Cow. Hubby and I are not old enough to have a child 21 years old. He is making us proud parents though and still has aspirations to become a veterinarian. Goodness knows we could sure use a vet in the family!

He is very busy going to school full-time, working almost full-time at a vet clinic and he has a full-time girlfriend. He also cuts grass on his days off and helps a lady with her 15 acres since her husband has passed away. Nope, he never sleeps.

A and his sweet girlfriend at Snow Mountain (Stone Mountain, GA)
Our middle son (the very tall redhead in the photo below) will be 16 years old in August. He won't quit growing. B is now 6'0, and quickly catching up to his Dad who is 6'1. He did not get his height from me. (I am 4'11 and a half.) He is a wonderful soccer player and has played for the high school the last 2 years. He is also a brilliant photographer/videographer.

Easter 2017
Thankfully Hubby has a knack for teaching the kids to drive. I just can't. My legs are too short. If I had to jump over from the passenger side to hit the brake, I would never be able to reach it! I don't know my left from my right, either, so that causes problems when teaching one to drive.
B is so big, his cousin can sit in his lap at soccer games... :)
Our baby is now 12 years old and is taller than me. Since I am now the shortest one in the family, I told Hubby I am going to start acting my height. He said I already do. :) Her love is soccer. And she is really good. Next year as a seventh grader, she can try out for the girls high school JV soccer team. She'd better make it.
4 years old

12 years old
Yep, we are very proud of our 3 children. I just can't believe how fast the years are flying by.
And yes, we still have all of the horses.
Tonto and Filly are at our house:

Jack is still at my parents' house:
Scout is on loan to my childhood friend to keep her other pony company. He has been gone from here for a year now and is doing great in his new home.
These photos were taken in January before Scout left our house on May 22, 2016:

All is good here, just crazy busy with life! :)
Until next time....Happy Riding!