Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just Cause

Yup, me and Ralph from way back in 1980. I was eatin' my popcorn and she was eatin' her 9-Lives. Just chillin'. Just cause. :)

Thanks Dad for digging this golden oldie up to share with my kids. They got a great laugh out of it and especially liked the fact I had a "girl" cat named Ralph. That's just not right. She was a great cat.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tonto's New Tack

After mulling it over for several years, and finally getting tired of all of the different saddles slipping forward, I finally gave in and bought Tonto a crupper.

Tonto said, "I don't like the sound of that."

"It's gonna go where?"


So we fitted it...

Then tried it out on the lunge...

"You said go?"

sigh... "Okay...."

"It isn't too bad."

There was no rodeo, and Tonto seemed to accept it just fine.

I don't think Casey Cat liked the idea of it though:

And Scout was VERY thankful he didn't need a crupper...

So, after I lunged Tonto with the crupper in both directions for a good bit, like a good Mom, I put my daughter on him (and led them around). Tonto was fine with it, so after dragging them around the pasture a few times, up and down the hills, I climbed on. It seemed to do the trick, at least at the walk...I was too chicken to try anything faster until we have a few more goes with it. Hopefully, it will solve our saddle slipping problems and we won't ride up Tonto's neck any longer.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Beware: Total Unbearable Cuteness to Follow:

Someone has taken over MY pony:

Because someone has taken over HIS pony:

And someone is thrilled to have this as HIS pony:

Yes, that is a hard hat he is wearing.

We don't have a real helmet yet, so something has to be a brain bucket....

D's legs are too long for this pony, too, but he sure enjoys old Scout pony, and Scout seems to enjoy him , too.

This was A's SECOND time ever, riding independently. :)

She and Tonto did great together! I put "daisy reins" on Tonto because he pulls her little hands.

I love these shots:

Happy Riding!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Riding Scout

Feel free to criticize - I am learning to ride again after a lot of years out of the saddle. I absloutely love this pony though!

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Few Photos from Saturday

My dear husband was able to snap a few photos and videos from my ride on Saturday before the memory card filled up. Here are a few still shots of Scout and me:

Yes, my chin strap is way too loose as my best friend has already pointed out. :) (I just got 2 brand new Ovation hard hats and I haven't quite gotten the straps adjusted right...although I tightened the chinstrap correctly before I rode today. :)

The small area where we "work" is not very large...maybe a 20-meter circle or so, and drains well after a rain, yet forces the pony and me to both use muscles we aren't used to using.

I tried to upload some of the videos here, but I guess they are too large. When I ride, I feel very sloppy and Scout feels very choppy, but when I watch the videos, I am pleasantly surprised. He is actually a fairly decent mover. I have tons of work in order to improve my position and my stiff upper body and elbows, but today we worked on some stretching exercises at the walk and trot - and Scout actually began stretching his neck down and rounding his back! We are starting over together. :)

I am thinking of selling my Passier and Stubben saddles - they are both too large for the ponies and me. They measure 17 inches each and I kind of think I need a 16-inch seat. I need an all purpose because I can't afford both a dressage saddle and a jumping saddle. Do any of you have any recommendations? I love both my Passier and Stubben saddles, but because I sit on the twist and not in the seat, they kill my seat bones. I would love to get something comfortable that actually fits me, so I can sit up and not bruise my bones...they need to fit my poor ponies, too. Scout is actually on the narrow side and little Tonto is a medium. The Wintec all purpose that my best friend gave D is the one the kids ride in and it is great. The problem is, it is the only one we have and the kids fight over who is riding in it, so it usually goes on Tonto.

Well, to say the least, I am absolutely smitten with Scout. He is more than I had ever hoped for in a new pony and I never thought I'd have another pony comparable to Buck or Hamlet. I believe Scout is going to rank right up there with both of those amazing guys. I am so very blessed and very, very thankful.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll try to load some of the shorter videos. :) Until next time, Happy Riding!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Life is Good

Here are some more images from our little farm.

This is the view from my bedroom and kitchen window:

"Did you say grain?"

Scout, happy to be out of his stall: The pony boys:
Tonto wanted to be first across the pasture...

Scout was left in the dust, whinnying:

Tonto decided to be nice and wait up for Scout:

It is so amazing having them in our backyard again. My middle child, B, and I rode together on Saturday. He rode Tonto and I rode Scout. B said he was just going to stay in the small area near me while I longed Scout...but before I knew it, he was riding all over the pasture by himself! B has ridden some independently, but not like this! He also did some slow trotting up the hills! I was totally amazed and so very proud of him!! Maybe he will like to ride and want to get on more often now. :) I rode Scout again on Sunday - and he was fantastic. He is truly turning out to be the pony of my dreams!!

I am so thankful to my husband, parents and friends for making it all happen.

Remember Sadie, the Christmas Eve drop-out?

Think she knows she is going to get fixed tomorrow? :)

Maybe not. She's still all smiles:

Sadie has grown a bunch since Christmas - she is below knee level, and has gotten rather long....not sure if she has some dachshund or corgi thrown in somewhere or what! I don't think she has any Rottweiler in her, but even if she did, she is staying. Sadie is a wonderful little dog and has won over all of our hearts.

Even though she is kind of small, she is kind of having a hard time fitting into my daughter's mini papasan chair! (This is a favorite place for the cats to sleep as well!) (Notice Sadie's dog bed to the right in the photo...) She prefers to be up high. :)

Until next time...Happy Riding!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun Photos

Here are some photos from the last couple of months:

Scout and me in January, our 3rd ride...(I love, love, love this pony!)

Our 4th ride, a couple of weeks later:

My daughter on our friend's precious pony Lacey:

My boys working together - D was working with B on our friend's other horse, Simon:

The owner of this sweet horse and B:

My husband even rode on this day - I couldn't remember if I posted photos of him riding or not...I'll check and if I didn't, then I will post them. He is a natural and looks really hot on a horse! :) He said he had fun...I sure hope he did... :)