Friday, November 12, 2010


Sorry for the long absence from blogging. I just haven't felt like writing in a while. Things have been busy with work, my husband starting his new business (, school starting back and all 3 kids playing soccer.

Plus, I miss Maggie more than I ever expected to. Poor little Tonto is the only one in the pasture now. Thank goodness our neighbors bring their 2 horses over a few days a week to let them graze in our pasture, so he does have a little time with other horses. Maybe one day we'll add another pony to our herd.

During the summer, I got on Tonto a couple of times. For being ridden once in a blue moon, he behaves well.

Too bad there aren't any little kids around that would ride him...none of my kiddos are very interested, or have the time to ride. He's such a cute pony!

D rode a couple of times during the summer. He is too big for Tonto amazes me how fast my children have grown this year! D has passed me up and it won't be long before B does, too. (I guess it doesn't take much since I'm all of 4'11...)

I decided to buy a grazing muzzle for Tonto this year...he didn't think it was too funny. He ended up living in the fat pen all year, but did well - he looked so good all summer!

See the nice, trim pony?

Yep, unfortunately D has outgrown the 11.2 hand pony.

We hiked his stirrups up so his feet wouldn't hit Tonto in the knees...

And things didn't work out with the beautiful palomino mare. I just didn't have the time to commit to her that she deserved. She has been placed in a fabulous home and is even being shown.

Anyhoo - thought it was time for a new post. Sorry there isn't anything exciting to report! Hope all is well with you - Happy Riding!