Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Lessons Learned" Longe Lesson

Today I went to my parents' house to help out with my Dad, but couldn't resist longing Tonto "for just a few minutes." Well, "just a few minutes" turned into 2 hours! Big help I was to my Dad today, and I felt a bit ashamed of myself for breaking that promise.

Stupid me didn't take into consideration that it is currently about 20 degrees BELOW normal right now. Instead of it being in the low 100's with high humidity, it is in the low to mid-80's with relatively low humidity. We are having glorious cool weather due to a cold front that brought much needed rain over the last 2 days. It feels like fall.

So, I'm not the only one loving the cool weather! When I stuck Tonto on the longe line today, the first mistake I made was NOT realizing he would probably be feeling his oats. The second mistake was attempting to longe him in his halter. I always longe him in either a cavesson or his bridle.

The third mistake I made was not wearing gloves. In Pony Club, we were taught to wear our gloves and hard hat EVERY time we longed our horses. I don't usually wear my hard hat (unless I'm longing Filly), but I almost always wear gloves. After Tonto ripped the longeline out of my hands TWICE, I marched back to the house and got his bridle and my gloves. (And my camera.) I turned him loose in the pasture to run and snapped some photos.

The fourth mistake I made was longing him an open field. I should have chosen a corner of the field or a smaller paddock to work him in.

The fifth mistake was trying to work him in a wet field. I am lucky he didn't hurt himself when he bolted those 2 times. He could have slipped and fallen or worse! It was so wet from all the rain, you can see water splashing up from his hooves!

I loved this photo of him stretching for grass as he ran around.

The shot above would have been really good had I not zoomed in so far, cutting his head off!!! It's funny how he flags his tail so much! As far as I know he is 100% Shetland...

You can see the longe line and whip leaning on the tree Tonto is running past...he was really enjoying his freedom after being stuck in the fat pen.

The shot below is one of my favorites from today. It should be labeled "Freedom" or "Liberty" or something like that... :)

He finally got tired and stopped to graze with Maggie.

He is now ready to put his bridle on and be longed like he should have been in the first place. :) Tonto went around like a perfect angel and we ended on a very good note.

Just wanted to share some lessons learned today. At work, we are reminded every day to practice safety, not just at work, but at home, too. So there's our safety lesson for today!


BaxtersMum said...

god, that pony is too damn cute for words.

you always had great taste in horses, girl!

buckpony said...

I don't know WHAT it is about ponies, but I just LOOOOVE them! This little booger had been so humiliated and mistreated, it has been wonderful watching him come out of his shell. He is still a very naughty (and smart) pony at times, but he is sure turning around.

I'm hoping that by the time Ashlee starts to ride (if she even wants to...) he will be broke enough for her to Pony Club and 4H on... and my dreams go on and on and on. :)

Thank you for your kind words!!! You haven't said much about Jericho lately. How are you guys doing?