Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quick Tonto Post

I longed Tonto yesterday for about 30 minutes. This time I started him off in his bridle so there was no tricky business (These photos were taken the other day when I attempted to longe him in his halter...). He still doesn't want to canter on the longe line and this is a frustration to do you teach one to canter on the longe?? (and canter under saddle for that matter...he has never known how, even when I bought him). I would try to canter him under saddle, but with the saddle riding up his neck at the trot, I don't dare try the canter! I'm sure it would be easier if I had a round pen, but I don't have that luxury...

My friend K worked with cantering him on the longe last month, but I am not able to work with him consistently, so that doesn't help...I get to work with him only one to two days a week.
Also, I don't think he is sweating enough. For an out of shape pony, I believe he should be sweating enough to at least wet his chest, but he doesn't. How do I know if he possibly has anhydrosis? He pants heavily after working at the trot. I try to do 5 minute trot sets to keep from stressing him too much, but I'm not sure how much is enough to make him sweat. Drew hasn't ridden him in a while, but even when he has ridden him, he has not sweated under the saddle. He does sweat under his bridle. Do any of you have any advice (please)?


BaxtersMum said...

OK - for 30 minutes in humid temps, he should sweat on his shoulders, back, and between his legs in the back AT LEAST - if he is not sweating between his legs, he needs some help.

For anhydrosis, you can do a couple of things, but the best thing that works for Rico is something called One AC - smart pak has it. Its not cheap but it makes them sweat.

You can also add half a cup of dark ale (think negro modello) to his feed. That supposedly works too.

good luck!

buckpony said...

Thanks S for the tips - he did sweat a little between his back legs, but not like I would haev expected. I do believe a call to the vet is in order to make sure Tonto doesn't have anhydrosis....I'll let you know what Dr. Crum or Dr. Lange says!

fssunnysd said...

Keep us posted :) Optimistically speaking, Sunny rarely breaks a sweat either - he does sweat standing still when it's hot, but when he's "working" he's usually just damp under the girth & pad & between his back legs.

It might be (probably) because I don't ask enough, but he's also on 24 hour turnout in a LARGE area, so he gets plenty of exercise. I suspect he's in better shape than his roundness suggests. Perhaps that's true of Tonto, as well?

Good for you for getting it checked, though - definitely better for peace of mind!

Pony Girl said...

He's such a cute little guy!
There are times when I think my horse should sweat more, too. Usually it's when he's acting bucky and prancey and snorty during longing that he sweats more, not when we are just doing regular work.
As for cantering, I guess you can keep encouraging him until he canters. Is there one way he is more willing to canter than another? Could be he has a hip or back out? Horses also have a stronger side (like we are left or right handed.) Another idea, if you have a round pen, is to just free lounge him, sometimes I think canter in the small circle on the line is harder until they've built up muscle strength.

BaxtersMum said...

OH - about cantering - cavaletti is a great way to encourage it - if he's jumping, he's actually going to start moving more like a canter stride than a trot. I would start setting up some ground poles and working him through them slowly to help him figure it out.