Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Checking In - What We've Been Up To

This is our little "orphan Annie" look-alike, so my husband decided we needed to take her to see the play Annie at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. Here she is holding the program...sorry, but I believe my Annie is a lot cuter than the one on the program. :)

The photo below was taken before entering the historic Fox Theatre. My Grandparents and parents watched many plays here and attended dances in the ball rooms, so it was neat to see a part of their past. The theatre is absolutely beautiful inside.

Our little Annie didn't quite make it to the grand ending of the play, but she was completely mesmerized up to the point where she fell asleep in my lap.

Annie was one of my very favorite movies when I was a child and I was thrilled to be able to share the experience with my children. Every aspect of the play was awesome. The child that played Annie had a beautiful, strong voice, so it was fun to hear her belt out those wonderful songs of Annie. My boys even enjoyed the performance.
On Sunday, we headed to Stone Mountain which is set up as "Snow Mountain" for the winter. Below is a shot of the snow tubing chutes from the top of Stone Mountain. We had a 2 hour block of time to do the snow 2 hours, hubby and I sledded down 3 times and the kids each did it twice. I think I could have tubed all day, but it was so tiring for the kids having to drag their tube up the hill, then zig and zag through all the cattle lines to finally reach the top, only to have a 2 second run down the hill. So, after a little bit of fun, we headed to the Snow Zone to play in the man-made snow.

Below is a photo of Stone Mountain. The Snow activities were set up close to the base of it, so every time you looked up, you got a great view of the mountain. We also had a great view of the infamous carving of Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis on the side of the mountain.

The kids had the most fun playing in the snow at the "Snow Zone." The snow was made by a snow-blower that would shoot snow (or ice from what it felt like) every few minutes.
Here is D getting pelted by the "snow."
He is wearing his Aunt S's favorite sweatshirt. :)
Here's a photo of B skiing down the hill without skis....this turned into sledding on their bellies.
A and her little snow buddy: (they kind of look alike!)
Hubby took a photo of us posing with a little snowman someone else built:
(I'm wearing a lovely pink poncho because it was drizzling was SO cold! The kids didn't seem to even notice the cold.)
Here we are on the top of Stone Mountain. We rode the tram up to the top, got out and went exploring. I only thought I was cold in the snow zone at the base of the mountain...up here the wind was whipping at a million miles an hour!
Notice our daughter in the yellow poncho about to run off the top of Stone Mountain...
These are just a few of the many photos I snapped on our trip. We had a great time getting away and trying something different for a change. The kids sure enjoyed it!
I haven't had any horse time in the last couple of weeks aside from brushing the ponies. My oldest son and I did make it to the Alabama Horse Fair this past weekend and enjoyed watching the stallion showcase and clinics by Tommie Turvey and his fabulous horses and dogs. It got me itching to ride again.
We had torrential rain last week, too, and my husband noticed the pipe on the upper terrace is getting washed out, thus water is blowing out of the bottom of the upper terrace. I'm not sure what it is going to take to get that problem fixed....we will definitely have to look into digging a ditch along our neighbor's property where the water is coming from. We've already talked to them about the problem and they are all for finding a solution. It washes their dirt driveway away as well, so maybe if we work together we can remedy the problem.
Hubby worked a little on the barn last weekend, but it was his birthday weekend, so I didn't force him to work. :) Hopefully he and his buddy can work on it some this weekend...spring is coming and I am getting antsy again! :)

Here is a video of the kids playing in the Snow Zone at Snow never know what you get when you video. For instance, check out the guy on the right side of the screen. It gives a whole new meaning to the term "snow blowing..."

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Happy, Happy Birthday to one of my oldest and dearest friends!!!!!

This gal has been through it all with me - since December 1983. She turned 35 today and at least got to celebrate it with my brother and his wife yesterday! I am so jealous! :)
Hope you have a wonderful day, my dear - and many, many more. Sure wish I could have been there to share it with you in person. Maybe next year??
With much love....Red

Monday, January 11, 2010

Breyer Collection

Yes, I know it is completely ridiculous. I say it is an addiction; my hubby says it is an illness.
From the photos, you can see that I don't only collect junk, but I collect Breyer Model Horses. I don't know a lot about them and I just purchase the ones that I like. My particular favs are pintos/paints; ponies and warmblood types. I think I have over 300 or so...
The horses pictured below reside in our basement:
(Cool side note: Some of these are signed by Peter Stone. I went to Pony Club Championships in 1989 in Lexington, KY. It just happened to be at the same time as the very first BreyerFest. My Mom heard that Peter Stone would be there to sign models, so I packed a bunch in a suitcase and took them with me. As he and I unwrapped each one, he told me what mold it was and the year. He patiently signed about 12 models for me! They are all dated 8-9-89. Then he let my Dad take a photo of us together! Once I locate it, I'll post it. )
I am in the process of compiling a list of all of my models and which ones are signed. I'll have to post that sometime, too, if I ever get it completed!

Since I dusted them today, I don't feel too bad about showing the photos:

Most of these photos are redundant; I'm trying to get a closer view of some of the horses.
See the POA on the far right, missing her leg?

The photo below shows the custom my husband had painted for me a few years ago:
(it is the second from the right)
The horses below are tucked away in the shelves in the living room among photos of my family:
I'm not sure if this one is the Western Horse or the Western Pony...
This new Stablemate mold is one of my favorites...
I have a couple of Schlech's too..
One of my favorites of the Sham mold (a JC Penney Special Run, I believe):
Some I haven't opened yet, bought many years ago...

My one and only Peter Stone model. My Mother gave it to me for Christmas in 2001, the year my beloved pony Buck had to be put down. It is signed by Peter Stone:
This is a terrible photo, but you get the gist:

So anyway, besides loving real horses, I love the Breyers, too. After finding links to really neat Breyer blogs lately, I am getting the itch to find out more about my models. I wonder if any are worth anything?

Barn Progress!

Progress! YAY! I have to commend my hubby and his buddy, is unusually COLD here in the south, but they got out in it and worked on the barn this weekend. Thank goodness my father-in-law brought over a great heater that they cranked up. It wasn't too bad inside with all of the doors closed and the heater going.

They finished the outside of the stall walls and finished the bars:

Looking kind of fancy!

Inside the stall area:
Still have to bring in the limestone screenings or something for the floor...we are still debating the stall mats.

Another view inside the future stalls:
The divider wall will be built where that telephone pole is.

Inside of the front doors:
Since they put X's on the back doors when they completed them, I am guessing they will put X's on the inside of these doors as well, so when they are open, you can see the cool X's. As you can see, the bottom doors have metal frames. We were going to do that on all of the doors for extra strength, but it was becoming too costly and too time-consuming, so we nixed that idea.

See, there are those cool X's on the newly built back doors:

Another view of the stall walls and bars.
Oh, I am loving it!

Here is a view of the doors they worked on this past weekend:

They will REALLY look good once they are all painted up!

One more inside view:

I tried to take some photos inside the tack room, but the dimensions of the
room make it difficult to photograph....this shows the window and door, and K.C., the kitty cat....

Another photo inside the tack/feed room (storage room for now!):

I really, really appreciated the guys working on the barn in the bone-chilling cold. Any progress is good! And we are finally making progress again! YAY!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Found Them!

Ha ha! I found them! Here are the photos from December 1983 when the same little creek in Pike Road froze over and I was able to ice skate on a tiny patch of ice. The same little creek that my kids skated on yesterday!

Looking at the photos from yesterday, I believe their patch was bigger than mine!

Whew, that was a close one! :) But I'm okay!