Friday, August 1, 2008

Ever Had One of These?

Meet "Bunnicula."
Yes, Bunnicula. That's the name you get when you let your 9 year old son name a white rabbit. "Bunnicula" after the main character of the Celery Stalks at Midnight books. And after 3 years with a "house rabbit" my husband wonders what he was smoking the day he agreed to let me (er...the kids....) buy a baby bunny at a local pet store. Bunnick started out as this adorable ball of fur...

and lived in a little cage like this:

until the bunny that was to be no bigger than 5 pounds grew like Clifford, The Big Red Dog....
and eventually needed a Great Dane dog crate to stay in comfortably when she wasn't lounging around the house.

Bunnicula was supposed to grow up and live outside in a hutch like all of the other bunnies in this world, but after reading a lot on the internet and enjoying watching her explore the house, I just couldn't kick her out.

For me, she is the closest to owning a horse indoors. If you think about it, she eats pellets and timothy hay and I bed her "box" (litter box) with Equine Pine bedding...yes, I have lost my mind. But I absolutely love Bunnick, and I guess she kind of likes me. I work from home, so I sit at the computer a lot. Bunnick lays at my feet and waits for a pet every now and again. She is a wonderful companion to our household. Sometimes she even comes when you call her name. (Unless she is lounging in front of the which case, she will not budge.)

This is my view as I sit at the computer, typing away...

Yep, she's getting a little pudgy around the middle...may be time to cut back a bit on the pellets...oh, and if you're wondering, she is supposed to be a cross between an Angora and Mini Rex.


BaxtersMum said...

you forgot to mention that the SupaBunneh likes to scare the beejeezus out of little visiting yorkie-poos.

fingers crossed for dad. let me know if there is anything I can do.

buckpony said...

Oh yes! I forgot that Bunnick eats cute little Yorkie-Poos for lunch... :) that was some kind of commotion that day, huh? I'm so glad she wan't running loose in the house - poor Baxter might have really gotten eaten!

Thanks so much for thinking about my Dad - we are all a bit nervous, but will be happy when he is out of surgery and on the mend. Longevity runs in his family, so who knows, with new pipes, he might live to be 140!!

Pony Girl said...

I loved those Bunnicula books when I was a kid!

I had a dwarf (Netherland I think)named Coco, that was indoors for a while, then we moved him out. He used to race circles around me in my bedroom.

I also had an assortment of mini-lops when I was a kid. They were never as friendly, though.

Deborahjane said...

Funny you compared having a rabbit to a horse cause I have had that exact thought. Something about their eyes and peaceful nature. Amazing animals!!!