Monday, January 3, 2011

Rode the Ponies Today!

It was chilly, wet and windy, but D and I decided to brave the weather and try out the new pony. D rode trusty old Tonto, while I lunged, then managed to muster up the courage to climb on the new pony, Scout.

Good old Tonto was an angel - he continues to cart D around, although it looks like D could use some roller skates while riding the little pony:

D demonstrates the "chair seat." He is begging for a western may be time to comply. However, he may need a new pony to carry the western saddle around...or maybe we can teach Tonto to pull a cart! :)

Scout was full of himself today. The lady we bought him from warned me that he could be "spunky," and he was, but he wasn't bad. He just wanted to play!

I rode him in a standing martingale today because he flips his head up. It worked wonders. Poor pony, I am pulling his face off because he kept wanting to run through my hands, so we did some "extreme bending and circling." He seems to bore quickly. We may have to find some games to play once I get to know him better and I'm not so nervous. Not sure how far to push him and I don't want to get tossed at this point as my confidence is slowly growing! This lack of confidence thing is for the birds!

It was fun to have a pony to ride and to be able to ride with D again! Hopefully we can swap ponies in the near future so D's feet won't drag the ground (as bad).

In the photo below, Scout is way behind the bit. It's part of that head flipping thing he is doing and me locking my elbows. I worked him in a plain full-cheek snaffle today and he liked it much, much better than the kimberwicke we used the day I tried him out (they had been riding him in an Argentine snaffle...). Hoping to ride him without the standing martingale soon and may keep trying new bits to see what he goes best in. Any suggestions?

So far, so good - I am thrilled with the new pony. Tonto is thrilled to have a new buddy, too, and has quit running around screaming to the horses next door.
Can you tell I like color? :)

Until next time................Happy New Year and Happy Riding!