Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Comfort of Horses

To me, my horses serve as a major comfort zone. I relax around them, in their quiet, gentle manner. They are my therapy.


My Dad is to have open heart surgery on Monday. He had a heart cath. this past Wednesday and the blockages were too great to put stints in. He will have a triple or quadruple bypass, depending on whether the doctor is even able to do the fourth.

This is the time I wish I had my horses right out my back door as I did growing up so I could just go be with them, to free my mind. I don't feel stressed or anxious when I am near them; I feel at peace. Their quiet presence, gentle sighs, and liquid eyes are such an amazing comfort. They don't advise me on what I should do, they just listen patiently and maybe swap a resting hind foot as I unload all of my worries.

(D and Tonto)

Yesterday we spent some time with my Dad (in Pike Road, where two of my three horses reside - Maggie and Tonto). My oldest son D and I bathed the horses since it was too hot to ride, then we had a small photo shoot - my Dad, my kids and the horses. It was quite humorous as my three year old daughter refused to keep her shirt on because it was too, too hot....and it was a great distraction from the huge looming surgery that we are all feeling quite nervous about.

I know all will be well and go well with the surgery, but I can't help but feel anxious. We all love you so much, Dad, and we will all be waiting for you when you come out of surgery. I can't wait for six months from now - Dad should be feeling like a new man with all of those new pipes!


BaxtersMum said...

i remember many a session with the equine therapists - include a few with Buck.

buckpony said...

Ah yes, I will blog about beloved Buck. I was kind of saving that one for August will be 7 years ago that he crossed the rainbow bridge. There will be tears on the 25th, that's for sure. :)