Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Visit with Filly

We were finally in town over the weekend, the first time in three weeks, so D and I went to see Filly. She resides at a close friend's farm in Shorter, about 20 minutes from Pike Road. Filly developed sweet itch last year and L was kind enough to let us move Filly to her place to see if it helped. Well, it certainly did!

We went from this last September (total self mutilation):

To this! (Photos from today)

We have a MANE!!!!!

And her tail is growing back in...

No more open wounds...

She is a little sun bleached and a bit fat, but happy, happy, happy.

I'll take that ANY day over the horrible sores and rubbing.

Here are D and Filly - Filly is sporting D's new saddle.

We just bathed and longed her today. It is too hot and humid for any real work. Poor D was too hot to even sit on her, so he just led her around for the photo shoot.

L has been so generous to let Filly live with her ponies. We moved Filly to Shorter in March hoping the bugs wouldn't be as bad. Apparently the culecoides gnat is really bad in Pike Road these days and horses can develop an allergic reaction to the gnat saliva. Boy, it sure is awful. My old girl Maggie suffers from it too, but not nearly as bad as Filly. If any of you have ever had problems with sweet itch, please share your stories and possible remedies. I want to bring Filly back to Pike Road, but I don't want her to begin rubbing again.

If the move had not helped, or if she begins to rub again, the next step will be allergy testing, then allergy shots. So far, the move has worked. Keeping my fingers crossed that if we ever get her to Prattville, she won't rub here either.


BaxtersMum said...

skip pike road and take her straight to P-ville.


Pony Girl said...

Goodness, poor Filly! I'm glad she's feeling better! I have no experience with this condition. You might want to check out Victoria Cummings blog, "Teachings of the Horse." She had an itchy mare and seemed to have a lot of luck with aloe vera.