Friday, August 1, 2014

Is it Really August 1, 2014??

I say it way too much, but holy cow, time flies! So much going on these days!! Not riding tons, but on occasion, when time allows. Scout pony had a bought of colic about 2 weeks ago, so that was a bit scary. He seems to be all better now and enjoying the alfalfa we put him on...

Some photos from this morning's "Pony therapy session." best way to get a day started! :)

Scout after his grooming session:

I finally got around to brushing out Tonto's tail. Don't brush it often because I'm so paranoid I'm going to mess it up!

Nothing like a FULL Welsh pony tail!

A couple of side shots of little Tonto (I always love his expressions):

So, as you can see, the ponies are fat, sleek and happy (well, don't look happy in the photos, but they are when they get turned out after our pony therapy sessions...)....they probably don't miss the "being ridden" part too much. :)
Here are some photos of Jack, the rescue horse my Mom has. He is beginning to go well under saddle and our oldest is getting excited about finally having a pony large enough for him to ride!

Jack eating dinner in the great flood:

Hopefully we'll get some photos of Drew riding Jack soon. Working to find him a western saddle that fits them both. Sounds much easier than it is!
Until next time...thanks for visiting and Happy Riding!