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In Memory of Buck ~1973 - August 25, 2001 (Part 2)

In July 1988 we competed in the 4-H State Show.

(before the show)

We had a wonderful supporter and stand-in groom for this show – my neighbor and best friend, S, that I have talked about before (HCG#2). Her Grandfather lovingly nicknamed Buck “the Hereford Horse” because of his white markings somewhat similar to a Hereford cow.

It was very hot in July and Buck coughed a lot during the show. We had a vet excuse explaining why he coughed and Dr. Crum okayed him for the competition. We still competed successfully, coming away with a couple of second place ribbons. In the Working Hunter class we placed second out of 24 riders, which was totally AMAZING! (Buck even studied before we jumped our course!)

(Buck says, "nanny-nanny boo-boo to all of those fancy horses!) :) HCG#2 is proud of Buck, too!
He was the only medium pony entered in that class. The girl who won it decided she didn’t want to go to Regionals in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, so Buck and I qualified to go!!!

Buck was turning into a little storybook character after all. He absolutely loved to show and he gave me so much confidence, it was unreal. We were beginning to form an amazing bond.

So, off to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in August of 1988 to compete in the 4-H Regionals! Another girl my age from our 4-H Club qualified to go and her mom offered to haul Buck for me. We didn’t own a trailer, so we had to beg rides off of anyone who would haul us. :) Regionals was quite an experience. Once again, we had no trainer to help out, so I was on my own. We didn’t place in anything, but had a fun time going! The trip to Baton Rouge sparked a friendship with another horsey girl, C, who is still one of my best freinds today!

We were the smallest pony in this class, too...

By this time, I was riding Buck full time. The more I rode him, the better he was, and the better his breathing was. Toni got us involved in Pony Club, another dream come true. She would haul her daughter and me to Birmingham every other Sunday for meetings. We were members of Cahaba Pony Club until we had enough riders in the Pike Road area to form our own club – Pinchona Pony Club. These are some of the days I really miss. Pony Club was an AWESOME experience and to this day, I still keep up with some of my Pony Club friends.

Since we became heavily involved with Pony Club, our 4-H days ended. The days of Pony Club Rallies began. Our first Pony Club rally was held in Covington, Georgia at Falconwood Farms, April 1989.

Buck was spectacular and we ended up first overall in our tadpole division. Not too bad for our first rally!

In May we schooled the cross country course at Patchwork Farms in Birmingham (home of Cahaba Pony Club) to prepare for the Combined Training Rally in June. Buck looooooved cross country.

Below are photos from our D-3 Rating.

Since I was now a D-3, so we competed in pre-novice at the Combined Training Rally.

Our team ended up 2nd in horse management and 3rd in the riding.
We couldn’t wait for the next one! Stay tuned for more than you ever wanted to know about Buck!

(Part 3 coming up soon!)

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