Friday, October 30, 2009

Sweet Progress

My hubby's friend is between jobs, so he's had a couple of days to work on the barn. Bad for him, but good for us....He will hopefully be back on the road next week with his new job as a tanker truck driver. Pray he stays safe. Those things scare me.

Because our barn is not square and is off-set so I could have larger stalls, TC has all kinds of tricks to make it look better. He is currently adding a little overhang to the front: 1) to help fool the eye so it looks a bit more balanced and 2) to protect the doors he is planning to build.

The left side is being framed up for the 2 stalls. There is a nice big window for one someone to hang their head out may be a bit high for little Tonto, but I'm not complaining. The siding above the small overhang will eventually be replaced with the same siding currently on the right side of the barn. Not sure what color it will be painted when done...I am open for suggestions.

Looking through the aisle:
I can't wait to be able to use it! My dream has always been to have a barn with an aisle. It will be D's job to keep it swept. :)

Future stall area:

You can see the forms where the guys are pouring concrete as I type this...future walls and doors will hopefully be built fairly soon. :)

Another shot from inside the stall area:
(Notice all that grass!)

Below is one of the outside wall footers my hubby poured last weekend:

We have been blessed with plenty of rain and warm weather, so the rye and fescue mix is coming up like crazy. I just pray it continues to grow throughout the winter like it is supposed to. We will over seed with fescue and carpet grass next spring.

The walls are doing their job holding the soil in place. Even with all the rain, there has been almost no erosion. (Thank you Lord!)

Grass is growing on the lower part of the hill as well....this photo doesn't do it justice.

Glorious grass.....

I've been in touch with Filly's new owner and they are both very happy and doing well. I'll have to pull some photos off her website to share. I miss Filly like crazy, but she is right where she needs to be. Her new owner said Filly nickers to her every time she sees her, so I take that as a good sign. :)
Thanks for checking in and I'll post again soon. :)

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