Monday, October 26, 2009

Photos of Filly's New Owner

In case you were wondering - here are a couple of photos I pulled from photobucket. This is T and her big paint gelding she events and Pony Clubs on. I've seen even better dressage photos of these two, but this is quite nice, so you get the idea!

I believe this was her profile photo when I sent her a friend request. It was definitely a jumping photo and they looked so good!

Anyway, I am thrilled that Filly may have the opportunity to be trained to her full potential. I'd love to see photos of her like this! She is only 9, so she is certainly ready to be put into steady work. I have no doubt T will train her up right. :) The only problem is I'll never be able to afford her price tag if she goes up for sale looking like this!


Fyyahchild said...

What a neat color on that paint. I love the legs.

They look very comfortable jumping together too.

BaxtersMum said...

you paint addicts find each other, no matter what, don't you???

buckpony said...

It's a strange, but wonderful thing. :)