Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Hill - October 5

Just after the walls were complete, the forecast called for rain. Almost 2 inches of rain. This made me want to curse. A little rain would be great, but come on, 2 inches????????
My brilliant hubby went to Lowe's and found these mats for erosion control.
We seeded with winter rye and fescue, then spread fertilizer before rolling out the mats.

I didn't get a photo of the finished product because the rain was moving in and we were in a hurry!
It rained a bunch; sometimes very hard....all night long and off and on the next two days. We were dreading what the hill would look like the following days.
To our surprise (and relief), there was very little erosion!!

Casey and Stripes checking out the erosion mats:
There is a little washing of dirt onto the mat, but no huge ruts as before.

These ruts were pretty deep, but minimal and easy to fix. We are having more dirt brought in to put around the walls before seeding and covering these areas with mats.

Minimal runoff from the wall:

Minor erosion that will be repaired:

It's actually a good thing that it rained hard so soon after the walls were completed. Now we have an idea of where our problem areas are going to be and the landscaper can help us fix those areas.

Some settling along the walls; to be expected. They will be filled and repaired.

More photos of minor erosion that will be fixed:

Photo looking out from the barn:
(no major washing, if any!)

Below shows one small area that washed. We will have to find a solution for this; probably will have to build a small retaining wall here.

Daisy standing in the washed area. A lot of water from our neighborhood flows through here, but notice there is no major erosion! Hubby placed the cross ties and 6x6's along here to slow the flow until this area can be worked on.

The photo below shows some of the settling along the wall. It is hard to pack dirt around the "deadmen," so this is to be expected.

The rest of these photos show the minor erosion. I know we can't stop all of it, but if we can minimize it, maybe we can keep some dirt on the hill....

Such a huge difference from the washing we experienced before. The landscapers are back today hard at work putting down more dirt. I'll go out shortly to spread seed and fertilizer. Hubby found some cheaper and longer erosion control mats that he will purchase this weekend to put on the lower portion of the hill since we are expected to get MORE rain this weekend!
Keep your fingers crossed that the rye will take and grass can start growing. Maybe by this time next year we'll have Filly and Tonto home!

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BaxtersMum said...


This is good - the rain also compacted your dirt, so you can come back and fix.

This is going to be awesome. You're creating a real oasis there in P'town. I mean if you can't live in Pike Road, you're doing awful good to make your place better than Pike Road! Rain like that would have flooded your pasture at home! Ach. I remember the mud. Lots and lots and lots of boot sucking off your feet mud.

sigh. good times.

congrads! Fingers crossed! YAY B for biting the bullet to get your ponies HOME!