Sunday, October 18, 2009

Barn Progress...YAY!

My hubby's friend came over for a few hours today to work on the barn. This is no easy task, since nothing is square in this pole barn. It's sole function when it was built was to house the old owner's treasures....and he had LOTS of treasures.

Can you see the studs?
(That's my hubby kneeling on the left and T on the right :))

Standing inside the future stall:

Framing up the door:

Inside the barn.

From the aisle looking into the opening for the stall door:

Another view from inside the barn:

Future stalls:

A view from inside the stall through the door:

Future ~14 x 14 stalls (yippee!):

The grass is growing on the hill:

Grass is sprouting up everywhere, it is just hard to tell from the photos.
Dreams are slowly coming to is a nice feeling. :)

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