Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Busy Weekend

Well, the past two weekends have been very busy, so no horse time was available.

This past weekend I traveled with my parents and my three children to our annual family reunion. My dear husband had to leave on Sunday for a business trip to Vegas, so he missed the reunion this year...and we are all missing him this week. The weather was yucky on the way to South Carolina; lots of rain, but we saw several beautiful rainbows! Promises of better things to come, I believe.

The weekend was supposed to be a complete wash-out, but see, those rainbows were a promise of better things! The weather broke and we had glorious sunshine on Saturday and Sunday for the reunion. The kids had such fun motoring around in the fishing boat. They didn't catch too many fish, but who needs fish when you have cousins to hang around with?

We also went hiking in the woods. I almost stepped on this huge green fellow:

The kids were fascinated by this caterpillar, as was I! I've never seen one this big before! (Thank you to my brother for holding the stick while I snapped photos...)
Notice his yellow horns:

I had to share this photo of the cousins together:
Three of these kiddos are mine, two belong to my middle brother, one to my oldest brother, and the extra two belong to one of my cousins. Got all that?

And yes, my daughter has to face paint with the mud from the lake....
By the time she was finished, she had stripes across her forehead, too. Nice.
While walking in the woods, we came across these delicate flowers. Not sure what they were, but I thought they were neat.
We arrived back home on Monday and found grass on the new terraces.
I noticed today that all of the bare dirt spots now have grass growing on them. We've had tons of rain and very little erosion, thank goodness. Maybe it's the rainbows...

Hoping for some horse time this weekend. The weather is getting cooler, so I know they are beginning to get woolly. Can't wait to see them.
Oh, and no updates on the barn yet. My husband's friend is supposed to spend a weekend helping enclose it, but not sure when that is happening. Hopefully SOON! I'll keep you posted. :)

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BaxtersMum said...

Sigh. I was (am?) half in love with your brother. What a great guy. What a great wife he chose! S was always a sweet, yet sassy chick - I admired her SO much!

You must love getting together with your family and seeing all the kids romp.

miss you tons. wish you were here.