Monday, October 26, 2009

Filly has a New Home

It all began on October 17 with an innocent e-mail. I am a social networking addict....and I'll admit it. I spend WAY too much time checking my friend's profiles and their photos - especially if they are horse people. While checking out photos on a friend's page, a photo caught my eye. It was a photo of a girl jumping a flashy paint horse. I had no idea who she was, but I liked her horse, so I sent her a message and asked if she'd like to be "friends" since we had "horse" friends in common (3 in fact). She accepted my friend request and started perusing my ba-zillions of horse photos. And of course I was thumbing through all of hers, too, quite impressed with almost all of them! The one thing that really struck me was how healthy and shiny they were. The plus was the ones she was riding looked spectacular!

Then I receive an e-mail that she commented on one of my photos. I followed the link to a photo of Filly. My new friend asks what I do with the cute Filly which I respond, "Nothing"....and proceeded to tell her everything I knew about Fil...blah, blah, blah (dreams for the pony, how long I'd had her, everything we'd been through, directed her this blog, etc., and how I really needed to sell her, but didn't want to, etc, etc, etc. I really thought this new friend would run the other way screaming, "Okay, okay, enough! Too much info!!!" But she didn't. She continued to inquire about Filly, look at photos and comment on them, and I continued looking through her photos and answering her questions. The more I looked at the photos of her horses, the better I felt.

Finally, she sent an e-mail asking if she could come meet Fil in person. I was hesitant, but agreed. This was really hard. I hate selling horses. I just get too attached and worry about where they are going to go, how they are going to be treated, etc. Filly was my dream pony, but my dreams had started fading with the lack of time, sweet itch, training frustrations, and here lately, the fear of riding itself. Reality was biting really hard. I kept telling myself I could always back out if I didn't like the potential buyer.

T and her Mom came to visit on Thursday, October 22. I was feeling mixed emotions as I awaited their arrival. It would be disappointing if they didn't like Filly, but yet I was scared they WOULD like her and want to buy her.

I had Filly cleaned up and grazing in the yard when they drove up. T and her Mom jumped out and we began chatting about Filly as they looked over her. Their kindness and knowledge put me at ease - I was still nervous, but in a good way! (I believe I talked their ears off with my nervous chatter...)

We longed Filly first, then T gently settled into the saddle.

Filly is approximately 14.1 hands and she has NO muscle what-so-ever. T is around 5'7 I believe.

T was gentle and quiet. I really liked the way she rode Filly with confidence.

T took her time walking large circles and changing direction.

They tried some trotting:

Filly was really good for a few circles, then decided to pull her ugly trick of popping her shoulder and hopping to the side. T just sat deeper in the saddle and kept her left rein wide and right leg on so Filly couldn't turn right. After a few hops, Filly went back on the circle. That is the point I would have gotten off. Filly would have won that battle because she has unseated me too many times doing that. T took it all in stride and quietly worked Filly through it.

T got very nice results:

Filly got a little pat reward:

T has worked with problem ponies and young horses, so I have no doubt she'll have Filly going around nicely in no time at all. She is also an active member of Pony Club, so that gave her bonus points with me. :)

She decided she wanted to take Filly home with her.
She came prepared with a brand new purple halter! (It actually belonged to one of her other horses, but it fit nicely.)

One last photo of the three of us together:

T can't decide if she wants to train Filly for her Mom who is more my height, or keep her for herself! :) Her Mom just lost her beloved horse in September to a ruptured colon. They had a hard time even talking about it without choking up. So, so sad.
As hard as it was watching the trailer drive away with my Filly pony in it, I am very happy and relieved with the outcome. Yes, there were lots of tears, but I loved both T and her Mom and I have no doubt Filly is in the right home now. I believe I made it clear that if they ever needed to send Filly back, they could. I'm not sure what T's plans for college are, as she just graduated from high school in May, but if she decides she can't keep Fil, I hope she will let me know. :) T and I are also friends on the net, so I can check on Filly's progress and see photos any time I want.

I'm not really ready to be on the serious horse hunt yet...I am enjoying looking at ads, but I need to be patient and wait for the barn to be finished before purchasing another pony. In the meantime, I have lots of plans for working little Tonto!


BaxtersMum said...

These things, they happen for a reason.

As I get older, I am only more and more sure of it.

(my word verification? mucker)

buckpony said...

Hi S,

You are correct, these things happen for a reason. It is amazing how relieved I feel now. Before, I was so stressed about everything to do with Filly - her rubbing, her training, our barn not progressing fast enough, etc., etc. As much as I'll miss her, maybe there is a perfect pony in our future that will fulfill dreams...and possibly peak the interest of one or more of my kids. I love the fact that I can keep up with Filly's progress. She truly went to a wonderful home.

Thanks for putting up with all of my whaa-waaing and whining...I'll keep you posted on my horse (pony) the meantime, I am really looking forward to focusing on little Tonto.

Ha ha - I cna't believe your verification word was "mucker!!" How appropriate!

Fyyahchild said...

Ha, I just read the comments after my last post. Similar theme...I also believe things happen for a reason. Sounds like she went to a great home, and I always feel like that's always the very best thing we can do for them when we're worried we can't give them everything they need. Congrats!