Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hill Work Continues - October 2

By October 2nd, the lower wall was complete. My daughter, A, had to test it out:

Yep, it looks pretty straight (and high!) It is just over 3 feet high.

Work on the upper wall begins:
(Sam and Daisy are checking it out:)
First row of cross ties for the upper wall:
Looking down the hill from the pole barn:
Placing the "deadmen" for the upper wall:

A is loving all of the fresh dirt...

Upper wall is coming along nicely:

Notice the french drain (white pipe) along the wall. The black pipe is covered with a silt sleeve, hence the white. Gravel is poured over the top of the pipe to help with drainage:
Too bad I don't jump any more. These walls would make awesome cross country jumps!

The upper wall finished out at 3 feet high. We will string the highly visible white electric fence tape along the top of the walls to keep the horses from going off of them.

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