Monday, November 2, 2009

Looking like a Barn!

The barn is coming along!! My hubby, his Dad and our friend T worked all weekend to get as much done as they could. It was my birthday on Sunday, so my b-day gift was to work on the barn...and that was aaaaaallllll I wanted. :)

Standing back to admire their work: (T is sitting in the truck, hubby's Dad is standing on the right and that is Uncle R on the left.) Not sure where hubby was....maybe running an errand?

The trim pieces around the windows and aisle door are hard to see in the photos, but I am loving them!!!! The loft will serve as a big play area for the kids...or place for Pony Club meetings...or camp outs...or something fun we can think of!

Stall door openings awaiting their dutch doors:

Framing for the 2 stalls: (we haven't put the divider in yet...not sure when that is happening...)

Stall and big window:

We've got to get a load or two of clay for the floors. I would like to install rubber mats, but I'm beginning to overspend my budget, so they may have to wait for now...)

For now, I am having them leave this area open instead of making it into a feed room. I don't have a lot of tack, so I'll put feed and tack in one room and leave this as a grooming area. If we decide to close it in, it can be done later...(right now it is the storage area for the old mower and 4-wheeler...)

I had to share these next two photos from the Fall Festival we attended Saturday night:
My 3 wonderful kids....(left to right: A as "Super Girl," D as a mixed up New York Yankee sporting an Auburn hat...and B as "Darth Vader" (he refused to wear the mask, so he was kind of just the "Dude in Black"...) (I guess B could have gone as the "Headless Horseman" and let his red hair serve as the pumpkin...)

Then we have "Halloween Costumes Gone Wrong..." These two peas in a pod are well endowed for this age! And yes, one was a girl and one was a might be able to tell from the photo... :)

Thanks for checking in - I can't tell you how excited I am with the barn progress, but I guess you can kind of tell from my blog. :)
Happy Riding!!


BaxtersMum said...

be careful with clay for the floors - it will probably not drain water (urine) all that well. you might want some pea gravel and then some sand on top of that instead.

re: mats - check out - 2$ per square foot.

You can pick them up in Duluth GA - which might be a good stop on the drive to family! Saves shipping!

Am SO excited for you!!

buckpony said...

Thank you SO much for the link! I believe I already have their site bookmarked, but haven't looked at it in a while.
The site says to use stone dust of 1/4" or smaller to a depth of 4 to 6 inches. We might be in luck - hubby has a friend who owns the gravel company who has been generous with the dirt around our barn...I'll get hubby to call and see what the cost for stone dust is...(You'd think *cheap* with it being stone dust, but ya never know!) I'll let you know what I find out!