Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hill Photos from October 3

Well, the new retaining walls are complete. They look great and I believe they will help reduce our erosion problem. There is still a slight slope which will help water drain away from the barn, but since it is more gradual, the water won't rush over it like before. Plus, the horses will have two almost level spots to walk around on....

The bottom part of the hill, below the retaining walls:

This area is getting more dirt and we are talking about removing a few more trees.
Just a bunch of photos to show different views:

I wish we could have made the lower wall area larger - it would have made a nice arena...
One of the drains in the wall:

Grate over drain in the lower wall. This was already in the hill when we purchased the house - the original home owner's attempt to control the erosion. We just extended the pipe up and added this nice grate.

That piece of metal sitting on the wall goes over the grate. The pointy things sticking up from the metal go into the ground so no hooves get poked.

Another view of the upper wall (and the top of Sam's tail...):

These photos really don't do the new areas justice. The slope looks pretty bad here, but I think it is the angle of the camera. This area is quite flat.

A couple of views from the pole barn looking out from where the stalls will be:

Sides of the walls:

More photos:

Before we bring the horses over, we'll string the electric fence tape along the tops of the walls.



BaxtersMum said...

AWESOME! That's going to make SUCH a difference.

Also - looks not unlike a cross country set of incline jumps. hmmmmm...

buckpony said...

We still have a wys to go, but hopefully this will make a would be so nice to have flat land, but when you don't, you just have to make it work...

Ha ha - I have been thinking the same thing! Makes me want to gallop and jump again! (NOT!)

I believe lining the walls with that electric tape will keep the ponies (and kids) from jumping off of them.