Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Scout Pony Videos

My sweet 10 year old videoed me riding Scout yesterday morning, so here are the videos:

Scout Video 1

Scout Video 2

Scout is extremely sensitive and is agitated in these videos...I believe his frustration stems from several things:

1) Needs a better fitting saddle
2) I need to be clearer with my aids
3) He needs to stop being afraid to move forward
4) He needs to stop trying to anticipate everything I ask
5) I need to be patient when asking him to do new things

All of these things we are working on. :)

I have been working with a wonderful lady from Trumbull Mountain Task Shop who East Bound suggested using. I sent her tracings of Scout's back on Friday and she received them today. After measuring his tracings and watching these videos, she suggested using a wider tree in the saddle I am currently riding him in to see if that makes a difference. Tomorrow I will measure him and change the gullet accordingly in the Wintec. At least I can adjust the current saddle to fit him while I continue to look for used saddles. Ms. Nancy from the saddle shop recommended the Thorowgood T4 with a MW gullet in the Cob Style.  She recommended the Thorowgood over the Wintec because the T4 is wool flocked. Another one she recommended in my "price range" was the Duett Rondo in a 16" 32 or 34 tree. So, I will see if I can find any of those used.

I am trying really hard to be conscious of my entire body; I have a tendency to lock my arms and pull on the reins rather than being soft and supple. I also tend to lock my hands on Scout's neck, which also hampers my ability to be soft. I am compensating for the lack of leg muscles. Yep, I've been doing a lot of 2-point as well, but I have to accept the fact that I have only been riding consistently for going on 4 weeks now after a year off, (and really after 17 years of not riding regularly...). It will come, but it is going to take time.

I do have to say I am absolutely thrilled with my pony. Scout seems to really try hard to please and he has come a really long way in the short time I have been working him. I look forward to seeing how great he can become! I think he has a lot of potential for lower level eventing or hunter/jumper schooling shows. I am well aware we won't do anything major, but it won't hurt to work towards some goals and it is always fun to dream!

Anyway, the videos are kind of long and shaky, but B did a great job with what he had to work with. We pulled out the tripod and hopefully the next time I can convince him to video me, I can put him in a better spot with the tripod. I love how he captures our cat Annie playing, too. :)

Feel free to post your comments and suggestions on the videos - thanks in advance!

I still need to post the tracings...I will, I promise!

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