Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back Tracings

Okay, so in order to get an idea of the size tree Scout needs, I watched the Trumbull Mountain Tack Shop Video on how to do back and wither tracings, and printed out the handout as a go-by. I didn't do my tracings 100% correct, but they at least gave the saddle fitter an idea of Scout's shape.

Here are the photos of Scout during the tracing process:

Photo 1: The far left piece of blue tape marks the rear edge of Scout's scapula.

Photo 2: The second piece of tape marks a 3-finger distance from the rear edge of the scapula, where I needed to put the flexible curve. This is measurement #1 and tells us the width of the gullet. 

Photo 3: This marks the deepest part of Scout's back, where I take the second measurement with the flexible curve. This is measurement #2.

Photo 4: The flexible curve is laid along Scout's topline, from his withers along his back. This is the 3rd line at the bottom of the tracing used to show where the tree will lay along his back.

Photo 5: This is the completed set of back tracings. However, I did this one wrong because I forgot to mark on the flexible curve where the curve intersected Scout's withers and deepest part of his back. I did a second set of drawings that I sent to Trumbull Mountain.

Here are the links to the video and hard copy handout in case you'd like to submit your own tracings to a saddle fitter:

Trumbull Mountain Saddle Fitting Video

How to do Saddle Fitting and Wither Tracings

I have been riding Scout in an All Purpose Wintec using the medium gullet. Nancy, the saddle fitter I am working with, said her measurements indicate he is a medium-wide. Under her recommendation, I changed the gullet to the medium-wide before our ride this morning. I truly feel like it made a difference in his way of going. He didn't seem quite as fussy today and he seemed to be more willing to go forward and lengthen his stride. My sweet 10 year old videoed us again this morning and I will post those once they finish uploading to YouTube.

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