Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fitting Wintec to Scout's Back

Here are the Wintec gullets. The blue is the medium-wide and the black is the medium. I had been riding Scout in the medium, but his back tracings and measurements were medium-wide. No wonder he was testy under saddle. He was getting pinched in the shoulders! (Thanks for alerting me to that Ms. Nancy!)

(It is really hard to tell the difference in the medium and medium-wide gullets from these pictures, but I wanted to post them anyway.)

Below photos are of the medium tree:

The photos below are with the medium-wide gullet:

And medium-wide gullet with saddle pad:

With the medium-wide gullet, the saddle sits a little lower in the pommel. This saddle is a 15 3/4 inch, and it still dwarfs Scout! It is definitely a better fit for me though. I believe I need a 16 inch in something...

Scout was definitely better under saddle today, so I look forward to riding him in the medium-wide to see if it helps relieve his fussiness.


Enginerd said...

Hey - glad you're getting some good help on saddle fit.

Just watched the video - he needs ALOT more forward. Some of that may be the saddle uncomfortableness, some is related to your contact on the reins.

You need to just push your hands forward and kick him (ok, push him forward) - don't grab his face, don't set his head. Until he's working in a true forward movement, you can't really establish a good contact, and you can't get him working over his back. He's sucking back behind your seat and leg, and some of that is just him not wanting to hit the bit.

It can be a little scary. Especialyl for us older "he might run away with me and the ground is HARD" riders.

That's why I say "hands forward" - not necessarily longer reins. He's got to be responsive off your leg and seat before you mess with the reins.

He's super cute. Glad you're gettting back into this.

Good luck with the saddle. The fussyness is also a sign of not enough forward because he's blocked. Fix the "shutting him down in the front" to really assess how much the saddle may be causing the problem.

miss you!

buckpony said...

S - Thank you so much for wathcing the videos. I whole-heartily agree with your comments. Scout has no "forward" what-so-ever and he definitely does not like contact with his mouth. You are exactly right - he is blocked and I am shutting him down in the front with my hands.

I need SO much work on myself - I have gotten stronger, but still have a very long way to go. I still have trouble with staying balanced and out of his poor mouth.

B videoed us again today and I will try to get the new videos posted soon. Today was the 3rd ride since switching to the wider gullet, I used a different saddle pad, and we had 3 days off, since our family went to the lake over the weekend. Scout was much better today, a bit more willing to go forward, and I actually did ride some with longer reins. We are still trying to figure each other out, but I feel we are making a little progress. Our canter work was not so good today, but we've only been cantering a little over a week now, so hopefully that will get better once I can get out of his face...

Thanks again for your comments!

Hopefully I can keep on riding consistently, but once school and soccer start back, I don't know how much free time I will have to continue. We'll see. I am really enjoying it right now though!