Thursday, February 28, 2013

Scout's First Show - Videos!

Whew! I found the videos! I was so scared I had accidentally deleted them when I transferred a bunch of files to an external hard drive, but thankfully they were just in a folder with a name I didn't recognize.

Here is a brief video of us cantering in one of our flat classes:

And here is my treasured video of L jumping Scout. I thought they went around twice, but they only went around once. Either way, they both did fantastic. L is a superb young rider who I hope will ride on a Collegiate Equestrian Team in the future, along with her very talented older sister, E. :) I love these young ladies!

Very proud of both L and Scout (can you tell?) I hope I can take Scout to a few schooling shows this year. We'll see.

Next, I'll post about the Jeremy Beale clinic I took both Scout and Tonto to. That was a fun experience!

Happy Riding!

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SunnySD said...

What fun to see you riding - Scout is so cute! I still can't believe how nicely he took to jumping :)