Saturday, February 23, 2013

Scout's First Show

On December 1, 2012, Scout attended his first show - at least the first show he has been to since I have owned him. My sweet friend's daughter, L, asked to borrow him when her pony sustained a knee injury. The funny thing is, she hadn't ridden him in months, so she came over the evening before, rode him at the walk, trot and canter (in the dark), cleaned him up the best she could because it was cold, we locked him in the stall for the night and loaded him up first thing that Saturday morning to take him to the schooling show.

When we unloaded him, L walked him around for a bit, then I lunged him and rode him in the warm up arena. Surprisingly, he was VERY good!! L hopped on him and warmed him up and they seemed good to go!

L with her Mom:

Pretty L on Scout pony!

L was wise and entered Scout in the Beginner Schooling Hunter class. It consisted of one walk/trot flat class and one small course of 4 18-inch fences.

They went around very nicely at the walk and trot in the flat class.

Jumping (which he excelled at!):

I had a video of them jumping their course, but can't find it on my computer! If I can locate it, I will upload it. They jumped around twice and this was Scout's first time jumping a course of jumps since I have owned him. Not sure what he has done in the past since he came from a horse trader, but I don't think he did hunters...maybe he did, though, because he sure acted like he knew what he was doing!

Standing quietly in the line-up (It looks like he is sleeping!):

Like a story-book ending, they ended up 2nd in each class out of 6!

Which earned them Reserve Grand Champions in that division!!

Scout getting some love from his favorite borrowed jockey:

I rode him in 2 flat classes, but didn't do nearly as well as L on him. We ended up 5th in both classes out of 6. :) I haven't taught him walk to canter transitions, so he bucked on the first one, (cause I jabbed the heck out of his side with my spur when I asked him to canter - so my fault on that one...) and in the second class he spooked and bolted when some children jumped off of a log just outside of the ring. All in all, though, for his first show, I thought he did great - and the fact that he stood still in the line up was amazing, because this fellow hates to stand still for any period of time!

Very proud of L and Scout and hopefully this spring I will be able to take him out to another schooling show or two. :)

Happy Riding!

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SunnySD said...

Wow! That's fantastic! I'd say, based on Sunny's reaction the first time I asked him to trot over a pole between standards, that Scout has definitely seen some jumps in his day. Regardless, though, what a GOOD pony! So cool!

Hope L's horse recovered ok!