Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The very first game of the city soccer season started of mildly enough on September 8 - we had 3 games that day, as all 3 of our kids play. The first 2 games went well, not too eventful...and both kids played great. Then it was time for the big kids to play. It was the first half of the game and it was fairly intense. The 16 - 18 year olds play pretty rough, even though it is co-ed. I happened to look left to speak to another Mom and when I looked back right, I noticed all of the kids had taken a knee while the coaches and a couple of parents gathered around a kid on the ground...

A quick glance around the field and I realized the cleats sticking out of the crowd of people belonged to my kid! Talk about a heart stopping moment....

My husband and I had both been talking to other people, so we didn't see what happened. We both jumped from our seats at the same time and ran out to see if D was ok. The coaches helped him get to the bench and we grabbed some ice.

D's shin was killing him. It didn't swell very fast, but he had a small knot on his shin, about half way down his leg. He was in excruciating pain, as I have never heard him talk to his father the way he did. He told us to get him to the hospital as fast as possible.

My husband took him to PriMed thinking the wait wouldn't be as long there. He didn't think it could be all that bad because there wasn't a lot of bruising or swelling. The x-rays showed a broken tibia (right leg in x-ray below), but the way the x-rays were taken, the true damage didn't show. PriMed only x-rayed it from the front; no side views...
PriMed put him in a temporary cast and sent him home with painkillers and a referral to an orthopedic surgeon. Poor D had to wait until Monday to see the orthopedic surgeon, because the orthopedic we were referred to refused to contact the doctor on call for us, because we weren't existing patients.... Looking back, I should have called another orthopedic....

D in his temporary cast. No shower after the game - he went straight from the field to PriMed, to home, all dirty and sweaty, poor kid!

When he finally saw the orthopedic on the following Monday, there was concern of him having "compartment syndrome." The break was much worse than we realized and it should have been set on Saturday, not the following Monday. Thankfully D did not have compartment syndrome. If he had, we would have owned that doctor's office...I was so angry I couldn't see straight. They set his leg and had to split the cast all the way down so we could loosen it as his leg swelled.

After 2 weeks like this, he went back and they wrapped this existing cast with bright orange fiberglass. That cast went all the way to the top of his hip...for 10 weeks....

Then he went into a short cast for another 4 weeks.

After this cast, he went into a boot for 4 weeks. By December 17, he was released to physical therapy for a couple of weeks, then finally boot free!

It was a long, slow process and he isn't quite ready to play ball again. He will sit the bench for the high school this season, then play varsity next year. We are very thankful he didn't have to have surgery and he seems to be almost good as new now! 

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SunnySD said...

So glad to see you back! And to read that D didn't require surgery and has made it past the cast-required stage. How scary - and infuriating! He must have been thrilled to finally be released from that cast. And just in time for Christmas, too.

Congrats to Scout and his borrowed rider on that reserve championship! That's so cool. Next year it will be you two, right :)

How is the saddle hunt going? Bummer that the Collegiate didn't work. But slippery saddles make me very nervous, too. Good luck finding something that fits you both well - it's sure tough with the round, mutton-withered types. I'm crossing my fingers my saddle will finally fit Sunny better since he hasn't had a chance to pack on that extra 100 pounds he's usually carrying this time of year. So nice to be able to control what he's getting fed consistently!

Glad to hear that the nastiest storms have missed you. Everything here is crunchy, so I'm actually praying for snow, rain - wet of some kind, LOL!

Love the pony pics - so much chrome :)