Saturday, February 23, 2013

Finally Settled on a Saddle

Well, I gave in and finally ended up getting another Wintec All Purpose for Scout. I just didn't have the money to invest in anything else and I needed something adjustable. Of all my saddles (Stubben Seigfred, Passier P.S. Baum, Michael Stokes Centaur dressage saddle, Borelli, and smaller Wintec All Purpose), he was happiest in the Wintec with the medium-wide gullet. These first photos are of the 15 3/4 in. Wintec one of my best friends gave to my oldest son several years ago. I have been riding in it and decided I needed something only slightly bigger, so I purchased a 16-inch off ebay.

This is Scout in the new, used Wintec from ebay the day it arrived (yep, I lunged his hiney before I got on him):

Maybe one day we will be able to save for a nice close contact or something. :) For now, we will just be happy in a good fitting saddle that I don't have to clean and oil!!


SunnySD said...

Yay! Glad you found something that worked. I really like Wintec's quality and relative affordability. I'm tentatively contemplating a dressage saddle. I rode a friend's Wintec and like it a lot, and being able to adjust the newer models makes them much more practical too.

It looks good on Scout - although he does not look nearly so pleased about life in that last pic. I'm guessing "work" is a for letter word in his vocabulary just like it is in Sunny's :)

buckpony said...

The Wintecs have served me well for what I do. I looked into getting a Wintec dressage saddle, but was told the ones without the equisuede were very slippery. They were out of my price range, so I just decided to use what I have for now. Dressage is not our forte', but I want to force myself to ride with a longer leg and I thought using a dressage saddle would help do that. So far, so good, but I use the Wintec All Purpose for our trail rides and such. They are so very comfortable.

Yah, Scout didn't appear to be very happy in this photo, but I think it was because he was trying to figure out what I was doing. He is pretty pissy anyway though -