Thursday, March 6, 2014

Still Around

Well, it's been a little while since my last post....sorry. Life seems to have a way of getting away from me...
A quick update on the ponies - Tonto and Scout are both doing well - fat and happy and totally underworked. I've ridden 3 times in the last year - and those 3 rides have been in the last 2 months. At least I'm getting on, right?
I pulled Scout out this past Saturday because the weather was amazing. I just couldn't pass up a day like that! So happy I rode him and I think he was pleased, too. He couldn't have been better! After our ride, my daughter wanted to climb on, so we took a walk through the woods. I sure love seeing her ride (which is very rare, due to her great love of soccer and other things). 

I'd better watch out - she may decide to take over my pony!! (Although I am more than happy to share him.)
These are still shots from the Jeremy Beale clinic I rode in waaaaaaay back in October 2012.
Scout pony:

 Just can't seem to keep my inside leg from slipping back and tilting my shoulders forward.


Maybe I should be a hunter rider.... :)
Here is little Tonto:
(Mr. Beale got a huge laugh out of this little guy...) Tonto is all of 11.2 hands.:)

This was Tonto's first time ever in an indoor arena. He did really, really well!
So anyway, we are still alive and kickin', just too busy with life in general to blog, it seems. Maybe with spring on the way we will get out and ride the ponies some more!

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