Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Is it Really February 2013??

Good Grief! So much has happened since the last time I August!! Please forgive me, my head is still spinning. From finally finding a saddle (bought another Wintec All Purpose), our oldest breaking his leg on Sept. 8, riding both ponies in the Jeremy Beale Clinic the end of Oct., through Thanksgiving, Scout's very first horse show on Dec. 1, Christmas, New Year's, my husband's work getting wonderfully busy (he has a new office now!!), my job getting crazy busy (thank you LORD!), my parents taking in 2 rescue horses and me making time to keep riding through it all, it has been insane. Thankfully, it has been good.

Scout is trying so hard to please - and that horse show I mentioned - my close friend's daughter rode him in the schooling hunter show and they ended up Reserve Champs in their beginner hunter division - complete with Scout jumping a small course of 4 18-inch fences!! They were an awesome team and I promise to post photos in a future post.

The ponies are doing well and the weather has been mild, so they are being ridden consistently. I am loving every minute of it. :)

Buddy and Jack sharing the one stall:


D on Jack:

Happy Riding and I will try to post some more photos soon!

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