Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Riding Scout

Feel free to criticize - I am learning to ride again after a lot of years out of the saddle. I absloutely love this pony though!


Enginerd said...

I am assuming your stirrup length is correct - hitting the ankle bone right?

And you're planning on riding him hunter, right?

You have a great seat. As I recall, I envied you 20+ years ago for it...

The only think I would say? Your feet are too far forward, perhaps because it allows you brace yourself when he's being silly...you don't have the core strength built back up to give you some leverage. You're good at the walk and when he's being quiet, but they sneak forward when you're not paying attention or he's misbehaving.

So you know what that means? Two point. LOTS of it. That should get your lower leg and feet back under you instead of behind you. It could also be part of the way the saddle sits you too, so you may have to work extra hard. :(


miss you tons.
Rico's Mom.

Neive Evans said...

Great! try and hold your hands still and closer together with your shoulders back also if you keep your heels down and leg back you should be more balanced with your rising so he will notice a difference when you do sitting trot to ask him to canter. Sorry to pick just offering advice :) Keep up the good riding lovely pony!