Monday, April 18, 2011

Life is Good

Here are some more images from our little farm.

This is the view from my bedroom and kitchen window:

"Did you say grain?"

Scout, happy to be out of his stall: The pony boys:
Tonto wanted to be first across the pasture...

Scout was left in the dust, whinnying:

Tonto decided to be nice and wait up for Scout:

It is so amazing having them in our backyard again. My middle child, B, and I rode together on Saturday. He rode Tonto and I rode Scout. B said he was just going to stay in the small area near me while I longed Scout...but before I knew it, he was riding all over the pasture by himself! B has ridden some independently, but not like this! He also did some slow trotting up the hills! I was totally amazed and so very proud of him!! Maybe he will like to ride and want to get on more often now. :) I rode Scout again on Sunday - and he was fantastic. He is truly turning out to be the pony of my dreams!!

I am so thankful to my husband, parents and friends for making it all happen.

Remember Sadie, the Christmas Eve drop-out?

Think she knows she is going to get fixed tomorrow? :)

Maybe not. She's still all smiles:

Sadie has grown a bunch since Christmas - she is below knee level, and has gotten rather long....not sure if she has some dachshund or corgi thrown in somewhere or what! I don't think she has any Rottweiler in her, but even if she did, she is staying. Sadie is a wonderful little dog and has won over all of our hearts.

Even though she is kind of small, she is kind of having a hard time fitting into my daughter's mini papasan chair! (This is a favorite place for the cats to sleep as well!) (Notice Sadie's dog bed to the right in the photo...) She prefers to be up high. :)

Until next time...Happy Riding!


SunnySD said...

So much fun to see you get the boys settled in - and what a wonderful view to look out on :) And everything looks so green!

Anonymous said...

oh how I love love love to see those ponies in your "hillside" pasture.

Also, Sadie is a cutie.