Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun Photos

Here are some photos from the last couple of months:

Scout and me in January, our 3rd ride...(I love, love, love this pony!)

Our 4th ride, a couple of weeks later:

My daughter on our friend's precious pony Lacey:

My boys working together - D was working with B on our friend's other horse, Simon:

The owner of this sweet horse and B:

My husband even rode on this day - I couldn't remember if I posted photos of him riding or not...I'll check and if I didn't, then I will post them. He is a natural and looks really hot on a horse! :) He said he had fun...I sure hope he did... :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"he looks hot on a horse..."

ha ha ha.
you're clever.

And yes, but your husband is ALSO hot working on a barn, mucking out a stall, putting up fences... etc.

you're in trouble if the bug bites him too. :)