Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just Cause

Yup, me and Ralph from way back in 1980. I was eatin' my popcorn and she was eatin' her 9-Lives. Just chillin'. Just cause. :)

Thanks Dad for digging this golden oldie up to share with my kids. They got a great laugh out of it and especially liked the fact I had a "girl" cat named Ralph. That's just not right. She was a great cat.


buckpony said...

I think Ralph is mouthing the words "Help me please"...

Paigley said...

thank you so much for all the support you give me :) it really means the world to me (and pony when she pauses inhaling food to listen XD )
i have never personally met lexi but i'm sure you could find her on the USPC website

Sunny side up said...

Cute cat! My cat is named Michaelangelo, but he is a boy cat. :)

My Advices said...

cute cat !!

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