Monday, May 16, 2011

A Few Photos from Saturday

My dear husband was able to snap a few photos and videos from my ride on Saturday before the memory card filled up. Here are a few still shots of Scout and me:

Yes, my chin strap is way too loose as my best friend has already pointed out. :) (I just got 2 brand new Ovation hard hats and I haven't quite gotten the straps adjusted right...although I tightened the chinstrap correctly before I rode today. :)

The small area where we "work" is not very large...maybe a 20-meter circle or so, and drains well after a rain, yet forces the pony and me to both use muscles we aren't used to using.

I tried to upload some of the videos here, but I guess they are too large. When I ride, I feel very sloppy and Scout feels very choppy, but when I watch the videos, I am pleasantly surprised. He is actually a fairly decent mover. I have tons of work in order to improve my position and my stiff upper body and elbows, but today we worked on some stretching exercises at the walk and trot - and Scout actually began stretching his neck down and rounding his back! We are starting over together. :)

I am thinking of selling my Passier and Stubben saddles - they are both too large for the ponies and me. They measure 17 inches each and I kind of think I need a 16-inch seat. I need an all purpose because I can't afford both a dressage saddle and a jumping saddle. Do any of you have any recommendations? I love both my Passier and Stubben saddles, but because I sit on the twist and not in the seat, they kill my seat bones. I would love to get something comfortable that actually fits me, so I can sit up and not bruise my bones...they need to fit my poor ponies, too. Scout is actually on the narrow side and little Tonto is a medium. The Wintec all purpose that my best friend gave D is the one the kids ride in and it is great. The problem is, it is the only one we have and the kids fight over who is riding in it, so it usually goes on Tonto.

Well, to say the least, I am absolutely smitten with Scout. He is more than I had ever hoped for in a new pony and I never thought I'd have another pony comparable to Buck or Hamlet. I believe Scout is going to rank right up there with both of those amazing guys. I am so very blessed and very, very thankful.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll try to load some of the shorter videos. :) Until next time, Happy Riding!


Fyyahchild said...

Beautiful pony and its cute how well your legs fit him. :) I only mention it because I'm all of 5'2 and riding a 17hh monster right now. I'm not sure if my heels even reach past my saddle flaps. LOL

buckpony said...

Hi Fyyahchild! So good to hear from you! Ha - I had to laugh at your comment - I have no legs at all, so I couldn't even imagine sitting on a 17hh beast! :) God made me short so I could ride ponies because I am scared of heights! :)You must post photos on your blog of this huge horse! :) What is his story? Thank you for stopping by!