Monday, May 23, 2011

Beware: Total Unbearable Cuteness to Follow:

Someone has taken over MY pony:

Because someone has taken over HIS pony:

And someone is thrilled to have this as HIS pony:

Yes, that is a hard hat he is wearing.

We don't have a real helmet yet, so something has to be a brain bucket....

D's legs are too long for this pony, too, but he sure enjoys old Scout pony, and Scout seems to enjoy him , too.

This was A's SECOND time ever, riding independently. :)

She and Tonto did great together! I put "daisy reins" on Tonto because he pulls her little hands.

I love these shots:

Happy Riding!!!


Paigley said...

Thanks for the comment! we worked very hard on the music (well mr bob did anyway, i just agreed with him!)
i love your ponies, and the fact that you don't follow the whole "my horse must be bigger than my house" thing going on, i hate seeing people that are overhorsed, its my pet peeve

Admin said...
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