Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Visit with Filly

While in Dothan for D's soccer tournament, we were able to stop by and visit Filly. Her new name is Paparazzi (Poppie for short). I think it is very fitting!

Here she is all braided up - she competed in her first horse show on Nov. 21! We didn't get to see her ridden, but T left her braided so I could see how fancy she was. She was lovely! T said Filly was very nervous, but behaved. It was a small open show, perfect for schooling. T even entered her in a halter class!

Pretty girl all fancied up! (Love the tongue sticking out!)

Back at Filly's stall with some of T's friends.
It ended up that one of T's friends and I rode together when we were younger! Small, small world!

Filly is enjoying the conversation and the tidbits of hay the girls feed her
as my husband and D look on...

Here Filly stretches for some more hay. She looks a little like a walking horse!

T and D undo all those pretty braids.

Nice perm Filly!

And hubby decides T and I need our photo taken with the ever so thrilled Filly:

She was never one to put her ears forward in photos!
Come on, smile Filly!
Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen? We left before their class was finished, but I bet they won!! (That saddle looks so comfy!)
It was wonderful getting to visit Filly. She is so content and happy in her new home. T treats her like royalty and is taking her time with Filly's training. This little mare has issues that T will be able to work through because she is patient and kind with her, but knows when to discipline. As much as I miss her, I couldn't be more pleased, or relieved. There is no doubt she is where she needs to be and I really look forward to seeing her live up to her full potential. T hopes to bring Filly to some shows near where we live, so hopefully I can watch her in the future! Hopefully I can post some updates on their progress.
I've had no pony time since Filly was sold on Oct. 22. Between soccer, work, Thanksgiving and children, all my time has been taken up! Hopefully I can get out to brush and spend some much needed horse time with the ponies this weekend. Goodness, I miss them!

Oh, and I have updated photos of the barn! Progress has slowed, but it is creeping along and looking great! I'll post ASAP.


Fyyahchild said...

Yay for visits with sold horses! I'll let you know how mine goes on Friday. :)

buckpony said...

Hey Fyyahchild! Oh, it was such a relief to get to visit with her and know she is being loved and cared for.

I will be looking forward to your update on Cody and how things pan out with December! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!! What a small, small world!