Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Progressing Along....Slowly

Between the weather and hubby's friend taking on another building job, the progress has slowed considerably. Since my last post, the upper dutch doors have gone up, which is very exciting!

We made them 5 feet wide instead of the standard 4 feet wide. I think there will be more wear and tear on the hinges, but I believe it will be nice to have the wider doors...hoping to put crossties or something like that in the doorways to keep the shavings in. The barn will look really good once we get the painting done!

This will be the grooming area:

At first we were going to enclose it for feed or tack, but the tack room will be big enough for both. The aisle is not as wide as I'd like it, so this open area will be a great place to groom and for the farrier to work.

A view of the future stalls:

We still have a lot of work to do in this area. Once the outside is complete, the inside work will get finished up. Having the doors on one end has made a huge difference in cutting down on the wind. It was brutal to stand in the aisle way when the wind was blowing, but now when the doors are closed, it is right pleasant in there!

Looking through the barn:

Another view looking through the barn:
In this shot you can see the doors that are closed, blocking the wind. :)

My daughter checking out the stall area:

Another view of the stall area:

Inside the stall area:

Another view of the front side of the barn. My hubby hung the metal horses below the loft window and they look really neat! I will get a photo to post once the rain stops!

It is really hard being patient, but I am trying really hard.... Hubby and I are still not quite in agreement about the stall mats. I would like to invest in them, but I haven't yet convinced him of the benefits (even after having all of my FB friends post about the pros of stall mats!) He can find too many cons. We'll see....
Hoping all of you are gearing up for a wonderful Christmas! We have our tree and stockings up, but that is about it! Yikes!

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BaxtersMum said...

what con can there be except money???

We can work on finding you cheap ones! Just put out the call!