Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Updated Barn Photos!

LOOK! We have bottom doors! SO excited! Another small step towards getting the barn ready for da ponies!

Looking more and more like a horse barn!

Once we are finished with the painting, the support board can be removed from the overhang. The ladder leans against it to keep from denting up the metal roof.

Oh, buddy; I can't WAIT to use it!!!

Hubby's favorite part is the deck. The kids like the easy access to the loft now; so do the cats. :)

Another view of the doors.
Eventually we will replace the metal siding on the loft with wood and
add more windows, but it is fine with me for now.

Hubby put the door latches on tonight. I'll have to get some photos tomorrow. No more propping the doors shut with 2x4's!

We have been so blessed with the warmer temperatures and rain - the grass is growing like crazy!
The barn is slowly coming together. There is still a lot of inside work to do, but now that the front doors are on, we can close them to keep the chilly wind out while we work on the inside. Hubby's friend that has been helping has taken on another side job, so he can only come on Sundays to work. At least he is still helping out; everything goes much faster with his help since he is an experienced builder. Keep your fingers crossed he can help more once his other job is complete! :)
On a sad note, Hubby accidentally ran over our beloved kitten Stripes while the kids and I were in Georgia visiting my Grandmother the week of Thanksgiving. When we got home, we buried her beside Snowflake. It was so hard! We all cried like babies. I can't believe we ran over two of our beloved animals this year!
On Saturday I took the kids and we went to the local animal shelter to adopt a homeless kitty. Oh man, was that ever hard! Never again will I take 3 emotional kids to the shelter to pick out a pet. We narrowed it down to 2 choices; a 6-week old kitten and a 4-month old kitten that was a spitting image of Stripes. A, my 4-yr old daughter, wanted the tiny kitten desperately because she could easily carry it around. It was very timid and was a feral kitten, so it had some nurturing needs. The other kitten was the absolute sweetest kitty I have ever been around. She kept hugging on B and curling up in his lap. B was completely smitten, plus he wanted another kitty that looked identical to Stripes. I was worried that our other kitty (the Mom to Stripes) wouldn't accept the older kitten, so I kept encouraging them to choose the baby over the older kitten. After 2 and a half hours, we reluctantly brought the timid 6-week old baby home. B was completely heartbroken and we all cried the whole way home from the shelter. I told B he had to name the new kitten. Finally on Sunday evening, he had warmed up to her enough to name her "Annie."
Well, guess who is asleep in my lap as I type this?
Annie, our new, not-so-timid-any-more-6-week old kitten...
Snuggling with D:
Hanging out with the bunny:
(please excuse the mess!)
So, it has been a busy and emotional week, but things are settling back down. We all miss Stripes so much. Annie is capturing our hearts though, and the kids are not talking so much about missing Stripes now. Even Hubby has enjoyed snuggling with her the last couple of nights.
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you are getting ready for Christmas! (We haven't even started Christmas shopping yet!)


BaxtersMum said...

I lurve the bunny. The bunny cracks me up!

I also love love love the barn doors. They are gorgeous. NOW! We have to set up a riding area.

I'm looking for another kitteh to keep Malley cat from harassing his sister so much. (She no wanna play, and he no wanna listen to her)

Also, am glad you are sticking to normal animals. No more pet possums, please.

love you!

buckpony said...

The bunny, ever so cute, is chewing her way into BIG trouble. We joke that we need to put a mini-muzzle on her to keep her from chewing the carpet, walls, baseboards....Hubby is about to shoot her! I keep chewie things everywhere for her, but she prefers the expensive stuff. :(

The barn is getting there...slowly, but surely....My very sweet horsey neighbor said I can ride in her level back yard. It may be big enough for a small arena...

Hey - seriously, if you want a kitten....I can fix you right up! :) I feel so terrible about not adopting the tabby for Brandon. He was heartbroken and that kitten was a doll!!

Ha ha- trying to stick to normal animals, but you know me...I have a soft heart for the weird ones, too. :) You have to admit that Teddy Bear was the sweetest possum ever! :)

Love and miss you SO much!!!