Sunday, December 6, 2009

Finally, Some Pony Time!

Finally! I was able to steal some time to visit with the ponies this past weekend. They were in desperate need of brushing to get the prairie mud off. It's been 6 weeks since I saw Tonto and Maggie last! My poor Mom brushes them when she can, but she does good to feed, water, muck stalls, shuffle horses around, work full time and care for my Dad and the other animals all by herself. I believe she does a wonderful job and I am so, so very thankful for her.

Here's old Mags with her mud pack on. She's doing fairly well for being 31 years old.

After brushing; she is still filthy, but mostly dandruff. No rainrot, which is what I was afraid of. She wants to know where her supper is. Twice a day she gets 2 lbs Equine Senior, 2 lbs Omolene #100, soaked alfalfa cubes and soaked shredded beetpulp. Mom wants to feed her 3 meals a day, but because she works, she just isn't able to. Maggie is a little thin, but the vet says that isn't a bad thing because she has an old bowed tendon and leg problems that too much weight would aggravate. I still don't like her any thinner than this.

This photo was taken looking into the sun. I liked how the sunrays came down around Maggie's head. She's such an angel, it's appropriate! ;)

Another view of Maggie.

Tonto got cleaned up, too.

I think once I get him moved to our place, I'll start riding him bareback - he looks like a big soft couch!

I just love this pony - he is too cute for words and sooooo loving!

Oh, had to share - My Dad found some dog sweaters on sale at Target....

Below Boots models hers:

Then goes to hide in embarrassment under the window. :)

I thought they looked great - maybe the sweaters are just a bit too small? :)
And talk about "Cat Naps."

A just couldn't keep her eyes open any longer and passed out on my bed....Annie followed suit. I thought this was too cute and had to snap a photo.

I now have an assistant while I work. Sometimes she thinks my work assignments are hilarious....that's her opinion though.

or very boring...

But she's great company and I am loving having her around. It does the heart good to know you saved at least one from the shelter.
Well, not too much to report on the barn. The upper dutch doors are on now and we are hoping hubby's friend will be able to come back on Sunday and build the last 4 doors. Then we need to finish the stalls. I'm still working to convince hubby that stall mats are a must - I've gotten a lot of great feedback from horse friends on FB and a horse board I'm on. I'll keep you posted!
Hope all is well with you and I'll post updated barn photos soon.

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