Monday, December 21, 2009

Metal Horses

As promised, photos of the metal horses - Hubby hung the cool metal horses my parents gave me for my birthday under the window. I love them!! It adds a nice touch to the barn.

A close up of the horses:

It is so hard to believe we are in the final countdown for Christmas!!
I hope that each of you have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed 2010!
Happy Riding!


Fyyahchild said...

It's really looking like a barn these days! Congrats. So, when do you get to bring your ponies home? I'm so jealous.

buckpony said...

Hi Fyyahchild! Thanks for stopping in! Still have no tentative date to bring the ponies over. No progress has been made on the barn since early December and we haven't completed the fence yet. I'm the only one in a hurry to get it done, so nothing gets done until they feel like working. :( I am really hoping we can have at least one pony here by late spring at the LATEST. However, at the rate we are going, it will be another year or so! Hope you are doing well - Happy New Year!