Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Heart Hurts

This is Molly. She adopted us back in late November 2002. My oldest son brought her into the house and said she needed a home. We already had a cat, so we really didn't need another one....but when you have a really soft spot for homeless animals, it is hard to say no. So, my son had this great idea to give Molly to his Dad for Christmas. We went and picked out a bright red collar with a bell on it, put it on Molly, and D gave Molly to Dad for Christmas. How could he say we couldn't keep her? He couldn't say no. Thus began a love-hate relationship between Molly and my husband. Molly loved to hate my husband and my husband loved to hate Molly. B would walk into the house and Molly would hiss in the nastiest way; and he would always be sure to greet her in the same way.
But Molly became my best little buddy. I guess when you are the sole person feeding a cat, they tend to really, really like you. Every where I went, Molly went, too. And she never walked beside me; she zig-zagged back and forth right in front of me. If I wasn't really careful, I'd accidentally boot her into the air. I never could figure out why she wouldn't just walk next to me...or just follow me! She would love to run in front of me as I was hurrying through the house and cut me off. I guess it was fun to see me try not to fall on my face.

She was a very vocal cat and meowed constantly. We would even have conversations.

"Hey Molly!"
"Hey Kitty-Kitty!"

And now she has been missing for a week. I fear the worst, as we have coyotes, bobcats, stray dogs, owls and hawks all over the place. She was very shy, except around us, so I know she didn't just take up with someone else. I made the horrible mistake of letting her stay out overnight, which I NEVER do. It was the same mistake I made with our other cat, who also disappeared one night. I knew better!

Every time I walk by the kitchen window, I can't help but look to make sure she isn't sitting there waiting for me to let her in. I miss her meows and her running in front of my feet. I miss her purrs and her company. Oh, goodness, my heart hurts.


BaxtersMum said...

fingers crossed. Hope she is home soon.

Molly said...

Anxious and worried and sad at the same time. Cats, in their special way, have such confidence in their bossy demeanors. I hope you have a happy outcome.

Totally Timmy said...

Oh I hope she returns soon. A missing pet is such an awful thing. Kitties are just so independent.

fssunnysd said...

Hope she reappears, buckpony! I know the feeling. My husband's first cat (we now have two) is an indoor kitty who will occasionally concede to sit on the back porch with us in the evening. Somehow last fall I left her outside and she vanished. She was gone all the next day. We scoured the neighborhood calling, but no cat. She's all black, and it was almost Halloween, so I was feeling incredibly guilty and fearing the worst. We called the shelter and checked the road - no cat.

After a very long day, we went out to run some errands, and it was just dusk when we came home. She was sitting on the porch waiting for us. No idea where she'd been, but wherever it was, she was clean, dry, and not terribly hungry....

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that she's just gone roaming, and will reappear as talkative as ever in short order.

buckpony said...

Well, still no Molly. I miss her so, so much.