Monday, July 7, 2008

Riding /Longe Lesson Photos

Just wanted to share some recent photos of my son, D and his pony Tonto during a recent lesson with another Pike Road Girl, K. This Pike Road Girl and I grew up together, and she still resides in Pike Road, teaching lessons and managing a huge barn of beautiful horses. Thank you K, for taking the time to work with D and Tonto!!

A little history on Tonto....back in 2002 I was surfing the internet and came across a pony for sale. Tobiano tri-colored paint pony, 11.2 hands, 6 years old....He reminded me so much of Buck, my first pony, that I thought I had to have him. My parents were kind enough to go look at him, then purchase him..."for the grandkids"...which translates into "for my daughter that can't outgrow the horse thing." So, Tonto arrives in October 2002. Very green, very skittish. After talking to the lady that owned him prior to the lady my parents bought him from, I find out that Tonto had been in an abusive situation. The skittishness then made sense. I worked with Tonto off and on for several years, trying to undo some of the abusive memories that were etched into his mind. He has made tremendous, slow progress. Now, my 12 year old son, D, is beginning to really ride Tonto. They are coming along so well, and seem to have a trusting relationship.

Fast forward to this summer. I started riding Tonto at the beginning of the summer every chance I got, just to get him going a little better (I'm only 4'11 tall, so I don't think I'm killing him...). Now D has started riding him every chance he gets, "because Tonto is so much fun!" I've ridden for many years, but I'm not gifted in the teaching aspect, so I'm hoping to have K work with them on occasion. D needs to work on his position and soft hands. (The position will come....poor D is riding in my dressage saddle that swallows him. Tonto needs a crouper to keep the saddle from sliding up his neck...) But anyway, I am so proud of both of them, so I wanted to share some photos.

Starting out on the longe line:

Time to ride off the longe:

These two are doing great together!

Now, Tonto does not know how to canter under one ever taught him how. K worked with him on the longe a bit. She got him to canter several half circles, then rewarded him majorly and we stopped. I didn't get any good canter shots, but I loved these huge trot photos!

What a good pony!!! My dream is to take D and Tonto to a few local hunter shows or maybe join Pony Club.... :) We'll see what the future brings. For now, I am so happy with these guys!

Isn't he cute?

A few more shots from the Thursday before the lesson with K:

Got to get those hands quiet, shoulders back and D's heels under his seat, but it will come. Thanks again K - we really appreciate you!


BaxtersMum said...

he DOES look like Buck. WOW!

your parents = suckers

I had a lesson on Saturday AM. Rico was a dork. I went out and bought spurs - baby spurs but spurs nonetheless.

I'm looking for a saddle for Drew man - we have tons of tack stores here, and I think I back owe him many many birthday presents - a 15 should be about right - brown, not black, right?

Tell Kim I said "HEY!" and to come visit for the FEI world cup!

Trailboss said...

What a beauty! It looks like your son is having a ball. I love to see young people learning to ride.