Thursday, July 17, 2008


Friends can be quite amazing sometimes. And friends that you have had the privilege of knowing since you were 9 years old can be the most amazing people you've ever known.
My oldest son is beginning to ride fairly regularly, but none of my saddles are really child-size. He's had to ride in the saddles I've owned for many, many years, so they are large, hard, and not the most comfortable things to sit on.
Well, HCG1 was reading my blog recently and felt like it was time for D to have his own saddle. She searched online and found the PERFECT one. So, without hesitation, she bought it, shot me an e-mail, and shipped it to D. It arrived on Monday.

D had been out of town with my parents for the past week. He knew he had a big box coming, but had no idea what the contents were...

"Oh MAN!!"

"No WAY!!!"

"Mom, can I get Tonto out?!?"

A beautiful 15 3/4 inch Wintec 500 All Purpose, display model - had never been used, but HCG1 said she got a great deal on it. Since it has the CAIR panels, we can fit it to any of the horses D rides in the future. This is a dream come true for D (and me!).
Above, Tonto sports the new saddle.

Here D prepares to ride in the awesome new saddle...

D's position improved 100% with this saddle, but I needed to drop his stirrups a hole or two. He said it was soooooo comfortable. The seat has incredible padding!
He now sits balanced in the middle of the saddle and doesn't slide around. Since he won't have to worry about trying to stay in my big ole saddle, he can concentrate on his position. I look forward to watching D really learn to ride now.
This was a complete surprise and such a selfless, generous act of kindness on HCG1's part. Once D gets a little older, he'll have to go work for HCG1 to pay off this saddle. :)

Thank you HCG1, you are the greatest! We love you!


fssunnysd said...

So cool! Nothing better than a bit of "Christmas" in July, and they both look as if they're enjoying the surprise :)

BaxtersMum said...

no worries, dear. It makes my day to see the boy so happy. AND I know the saddle will get a lot of use for all three kids!

Pony Girl said...

Aww...that is so cool. I bet he is one happy boy. He looks great in that saddle and great on Tonto! It's nice the saddle can grow into his future horse, too!

You know, I have never had a new saddle, in my life? I have always had used! At this rate, I may never be able to afford a new one, LOL! ;)

buckpony said...

Ha - I've never had a new saddle either! The 3 I own were all used and many years old when I bought them. I guess I've taken pretty good care of them, because I still have all 3 and all 3 are still in great shape. I did have the billets replaced on one recently, but that is it. Maybe once Drew outgrows the seat of this new saddle, he can inherit my old saddles and I can get a new one...(or just ride in his...) :)

We were out of town part of last week and we're leaving again this Thursday, so Drew has only ridden in it that one time. He is so ready to try it out again!