Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Days Gone By

As promised, here are a few more photos from the past. When we moved to Pike Road in December of 1983, good fortune was on my side. We moved to a house on a dirt road and were lucky enough to live beside another horse-crazy girl my age. I'll refer to her as Horse Crazy Girl #1 (HCG1). Neither of us had a horse back then, but we dreamed of what it would be like to have one. We would make horses out of saw horses, sand, tree limbs, our bicycles...whatever we could find that somewhat resembled a horse.

Then we met HCG2 who lived on a dirt road a little farther down Pike Road. She had several horses, and when we were lucky, she'd ride over and let us ride double with her. To the left is a photo of HCG1 and HCG2 riding Jesse. HCG2 introduced us to other horse people and we began taking lessons from local barns, consuming every horsey tidbit our brains would absorb.

My pony, Buck (in beautiful braids...yah right) arrived in 1985, so HCG1 and HCG2 and I would spend time brushing Buck and occasionally riding with HCG2 (on her horses). HCG2 had a really sweet bay QH mare named Maggie that she would let me ride sometimes.

I fell in love with Maggie and talked my parents into buying her on March 22, 1986. I remember that day because HCG2 rode Maggie over to my house and decided she wanted to ride Buck...who we didn't ride very often because he lived up to his name very well. Buck ended up bucking HCG2 off and breaking the growth plate in her ankle, requiring several surgeries and numerous casts...on both legs. The doctor decided it was best to remove the growth plates from both ankles for fear of HCG2's legs growing different heights. (Maggie and me in 1986--->)

Finally, in December of 1987, HCG1's Dad agreed to let her have a horse. He bought her one beautiful, HUGE Quarter Horse named Cutter Jay Bird. This guy was least 16.2 hands, if not a little taller, but as sweet as they come. HCG1 and I finally had our own horses we could ride and we spent many hours on our horses exploring the woods and fields.

HGC1 and Cutter, December 1985

Ha - below are some shots from our drill team, we didn't really belong to a drill team, but we were pretty good!
From left to right: HCG1 and Cutter, HCG2 and Sonny, and Maggie and me.

Here we are again! Thanks to my Dad who took thousands of photos...and still does. I cherish the photos (and my Dad!).

So, what are we up to now? Well, I've lost touch with HCG2, but I stay in touch with HCG1. She lives way far away, owns a gorgeous Sporthorse Arabian and does all of the big-time dressage shows. In her spare time she is an awesome Engineer for a power company. As for me, I still own 3 wonderful horses. Maggie is now 30 years old, Tonto is the funny little paint pony, and I have a very green large pony named Filly that resides with a friend for the time being (saving for a later blog). Having three precious children and a very busy husband keep me busy as well. Life is good, and I am very blessed.


fssunnysd said...

Oh my - it's great when horse crazy doesn't wear off, isn't it! I think I have some pictures of similar vintage with friends & horses. No English saddles, but the same big grins were plastered all over our faces!

There's just something about kids and horses. Glad to see your son is following in your footsteps!

BaxtersMum said...

Oh me.

That brings it all back. Remember swimming the horses at the Stillwells? And that time that 4 wheeler spooked everybody - you ended up with a bum ankle and Greg had to ride your horse home?

And riding to the gravel pit?

we had so much fun.


buckpony said...

They are the best memories EVER! I have some photos of us on Buck and Maggie swimming in your pond! I'll have to post those. :) Maggie (and all of the horses) loved to swim - and just hang out in the pond. Man, I so wish my kids could grow up the way we did. Good memeories.