Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Check These Out - Old Scout Videos

I've uploaded the videos of Scout (Mr. Wiggles) before I bought him - they are below. He came from Fairplay Horse and Mule Company out of Georgia. Lynn O'Hara, the owner, has a wide variety of horses and ponies come through her place. She also gets a lot of rescue horses and horses that are run through the sales, and I truly believe her heart is in the right place. She was so patient and kind and worked with me to purchase both of these ponies. We bought Tonto from her back in 2003 and we purchased Scout from her on Dec. 31, 2010.

When I came across Scout on her site, I just liked him. I am a sucker for paint ponies, especially ones that have some spunk and love to jump. He was not the best mover in the world, not that good at all really, but there was just something about him that I liked, so that was good enough for me.

So, here are the videos she had of Scout on her site. I do not know the young lady riding him, but I thought she did a good job. He is kind of feisty and really choppy - that straight shoulder does not make for a nice daisy-cutter trot. As far as his background, I was told he belonged to a local farrier's son who rode him in the rodeo parades and on lots of trail rides. Lynn realized he liked to jump when they were filming him on their obstacle course. As they begin the course, the horses trot through ground poles. Scout tried to jump each one.

Scout in Round Pen

Scout Ridden English

Scout Jumping

Scout on a Trail Ride

Scout on the Obstacle Course

I don't know when these videos were made or how long Lynn had him, but she seemed relieved to sell him when we made an offer. He was definitely a very impatient pony who does not like to stand still or be away from his buddies. When we got him home, I came to realize just how nervous and impatient he was. He would dance around constantly in the cross ties and paw if he had to stand for any amount of time. If Tonto wasn't in sight, Scout would whinny like crazy for him. He wouldn't pull back, he would just dance back and forth, paw, turn his head and look around constantly.

Back in March of 2011, I took him to an in-hand clinic (photos below). He had to stand tied to a trailer for an hour before we got started. By the time it was time to take him to the arena, he had dug a huge hole in the ground from pawing. At least he didn't pull back, I thought. :) We started out in my English bridle and the trainer had me put him in the rope halter (in case you were wondering). It was a great clinic! I didn't realize so much work went into showing in-hand!

Scout was nervous and impatient in the cross ties when I first started back riding again in June. Lots of pawing, dancing around and acting silly. So now, I just lock Tonto in his stall with some hay while I groom and tack Scout up. When I am ready to climb on, I turn Tonto out and he hangs out with us while I ride in the pasture. I know it isn't good for Scout to rely on Tonto for comfort, but he has completely settled down and behaves nicely when in the crossties and under saddle. He also knows what to expect each time we ride, so he isn't so nervous. A long-time friend and I have a ride planned for Aug. 18. We're hoping to haul her horse and Scout to a friend's farm so we can ride in the arena. Tonto will be left by himself, but he should be okay. I think Scout will be fine since he will be with another horse.

On another note, the trial Stubben is due to arrive tomorrow afternoon - can't wait to post an update!

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